Gifts for Father's Day?

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  • mentalclarity

    Anyone have any suggestions for gifts for Father's Day? It happens to coincide with my boyfriend's birthday so I want it to be special but I'm kind of running out of ideas. Budget- up tp $150. He's a gadget guy so anything along those lines but not too expensive is a plus but a lot of stuff is kind of expensive and outside my budget.

    If you're a guy, what's a (tangible)gift that you've gotten that stood out and why?

  • Finkelstein

    A quality set of barbecue cooking utensils.

    Cordless drill

    Printer for computer

    Ear buds for Iphone

  • scratchme1010
    If you're a guy, what's a (tangible)gift that you've gotten that stood out and why?

    Have you considered asking him, or anyone near him that could tell? Not all guys like the same things. You might get a million different answers, though it can be good to get ideas.

    That said, I'm practical, so I prefer to give gift certificates. That way the recipient can buy whatever they want. Sounds less personal, but it makes it their choice of what they would do with what I offer.

  • dubstepped
    I like cool wallets, knives, watches, even flashlights, as a gadget guy myself. I also love buying gifts for people and the response has been good. I hate that the cult took so much away from me there. Anyway, I'm heading out the door but can probably get you specific ideas. Pm me his Facebook if he has one and let me poke around and maybe I can get a better feel for the guy, if you're okay with that. I'm not a creepy stalker, I promise. At least let me know what he likes to do, if he's a fan of anyone or anything in particular. Specifics help.
  • Finkelstein

    Gift cards are another good idea you could even give him a 50$ to Starbucks

  • mentalclarity

    Ok - all good ideas-thank you!

    I thought about the earphones for iPhone since he likes to listen to podcasts-talk radio while he works. I think the gift certificates are practical and that's my "go-to" gift with coworkers and friends but I want to put some more thought into it for him.

    He's not an outdoorsman-He's more of an intellectual/cerebral type and he has an engineering degree. So he loves building stuff (especially electronic gizmos) He likes Star Trek-Next Generation (not fanatically-lol) and war movies. I got him the Band of Brothers series for a gift a few years ago

    The drill would be a great gift but he has several already. Home depot is like his Disneyworld for adults-can spend hours there.

    If I asked he'd probably say "anything" but I know he likes me too cook for him because i'm a pretty good cook and as a single guy home cooked meals are kind of a treat.

  • dubstepped

    Disclaimer: I don't cook.

    With that said, what if you bought him something like an Instapot or another trendy cooking dealio and made him something with it or even a few somethings and taught him how to cook a few easy homemade things with it.

    If you have a store nearby that sells gadgety cooking things, take him there and teach him what things are, maybe prepare something ahead of time to help him see the engineering in the latest kitchen doohickeys. You can tell I know about this, lol. Stop me if I get too technical. Maybe you can foster an interest in cooking but from an engineer's perspective.

    Show a man how to cook, cook a nice but easy meal using his new gadgets for the kitchen, then eat while watching Star Trek on a new DVD that's been remastered or has bonus stuff on it.

  • Done

    Leatherman. I love a good Leatherman. You can sometimes find new/almost new at pawn stores for less than half price - I have at least. Look at the surge, charge, or wave for him. Fits the gadget/building things side of him.

    Bourbon barrel aged stout.

    Bourbon, whiskey, etc.

    A new gun.

    Amazon gift card

    Top 5 on my wish list

  • mentalclarity

    @dubstepped haha-he owns an instapot (and a bread maker too) But I'll check out the gourmet cooking stuff.

    @Done- I had no idea what a leatherman was! That's pretty awesome!

    I'm not sure if I would get him a gun but I'd definitely go to a pistol range with him - he'd love that.

    Thanks for the input!

  • _Morpheus

    See, the problem with a lot of those recommendations (and i love most of the ideas) is that they all involve a lot of personal preference. Buy me a watch? I dont do cheap watches and just because a watch is expensive dosent mean its my style. Knives? Same. I favor certain styles and metal types.... we could go on and on but you probably get the idea.

    Your idea, however, of treating him to a nice day, home cooked meal etc etc is always the right size and style :) nothing like a personal touch and little special care. It cant be bought or replaced.

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