For those who still think the Bible is useful for arriving at any conclusions about life or anything else!

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  • Whynot

    There are a lot of parts of the Bible I find deeply disturbing. I didn't realize how much they bothered me until I started reading the Bible to my son. So I decided to just teach him about Jesus and the Golden Rule. We go over Jewish traditions and holidays. We also like Proverbs. But I can't say it's the foundation of my faith. Since waking up I had to shift my faith to something I can feel and can't be tampered with so not religion nor the Bible. I still refer to proverbs but mostly Jesus when I feel I need direction.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "Bulk of Bible contains untruth; yet this is irrelevant because it contains too precious things, eternal truth such as Mathew 7:12; 25:31-46 where humanism is put above even the concept of God."

    The bulk of a turd is foul; yet this is irrelevant because a turd contains precious gut bacteria. Let's all eat turds. LOL.

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