Watchtower and Emoji's - your thoughts

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  • JeffT
    My personal view is that the Org is now trying to micro-manage just about every aspect of people's lives!

    Fixed it for you.

  • JW_Rogue

    Unreal, I think teens know more about emojis than WT. Anyhow, what is so damn bad about a little flirting? They're teenagers it is going to happen.

  • wifibandit

    I LoL'd, but there may be a darker subtext.

    Anon says:

    I watched JW Survey's video about emoji's

    It was funny - he is a funny guy...but

    Cedars missed the boat on this one. He failed to see the significance of this new youth workbook and what is really going on with it. He closes the video with the remark that this workbook "really isn't a huge issue" and he is wrong.

    It is.

    Every example, where a voice is talking, the WT uses a girl speaking - the minor JW girls who are supposed to be downloading these worksheets are getting schooled in how to "set the example" for the entire youth audience. The behavior being "set straight" is the girls' behavior. None of the examples use a boy's voice.

    First, there is the "wise girl" - Julia - who tells girls the right way to behave.

    Second, there is Ellen - the "too young", but very attractive and older looking girl who should be careful to "not send the wrong message". Note that the worksheet doesn't say what to do if an older male reads her message wrong and it doesn't tell the boys that flirting with a "too young" but older looking girl is wrong

    Third, there is Carly. The JW girl who deals with co-worker influence. Probably a nonJW male who finds her attrative.

    And the last example is another girl - Tara - her issue is learning about "leading a boy on".

    And that is it. No directives that tell JW boys what to do. But lots of training as to how girls are responsible for what predators do to them.

    This is a victim instruction video - aimed at girls. Blaming them for male sexual behavior.

    It really isn't about emoji's at all - that is just the fluff used to coat the real message. It is aimed at kids - the WT wants them to know that if they are victimized, it is their fault. And more specifically - it is especially the girl's fault for "sending the wrong message".

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes wifibandit! The way the article quotes only girls is appalling in the extreme!

    It shows that sexist attitudes that still exist. It is the "girls fault"....

    appalingly manipulative

  • ab.ortega

    damn good catch, bandit.

  • tiki

    I noticed the female finger pointing too....and she "hurt" this guys feelings... What about the males who hurt the girls feelings?? It's a two way street...and kids learn who's who and what what when they have these interactions. But hell... No normal teen stuff allowed. Idiots.

  • OrphanCrow

    These new worksheets telling girls how to use emoji's are a clear example of how the WT's policies are responsible for creating a climate of victimization.

    The worksheets, in effect, are part of the "grooming package" that comes along with JW membership. By placing the responsibility for others' reactions on the girls for sending the wrong message, the WT has silenced the victims before they can even speak by telling them that any unwanted attention is their fault. The girls sent the wrong message. The girls behaved wrongly.

    For an organization that has to appear in front of the Royal Commission again in March, to explain what they are doing to change their policies in order to better protect victims, these worksheets could be very damaging*.

    *the worksheets have been sent to the ARC

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