JW's correlation to franchise business

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    never a jw


    I doubt very much we would have much of a disagreement over the application of the analogy and the subtle differences. My point is that the leadership of JW's at this point are not acting like a business in good times, trying to rake profits and coast along. I think they are acting like a business trying to survive in an environment that is increasingly hostile to fundamentalist religions.

    If we continue the analogy, the JW's are slowly sliding into an ENRON type of situation. Can they pull out of that trend? I believe they can, but they will never, ever be the next Apple Inc, or Google or Facebook. In fact, I can only predict contraction from now on. How far before it stops? I don't know. It depends on how many adults out there are willing to believe that the Easter Bunny is real and that Elvis Priestly still alive. From my research in cults over the last three years, that type of people exist in much greater numbers that I ever imagined before.

  • jeremiah18:5-10

    I certainly agree with the assessment of their future. I mention it only to highlight their model, or attempted model as far as financially. Their philosophies and motivations do not line up with a business mindset or really even having a sincere religious mindset. It's more of just about being a high control cult in that area for sure. It's this lack of alignment that should ultimately cause it to devour itself and fizzle out, especially as more and more people hopefully realize the lack of sincerity and see through the thinly veiled money grabbing schemes. Of course, for that to actually happen, it has to be that their people want to open their eyes and overcome their fear of the unknown, life outside of the JW religion.

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    Interesting comparison, and quite true.

    My guess is that you're in the pizza business, if half of your orders are online. Papa John's most likely...

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    Introvert 2
    Excellent analogy, I've always thought the same thing cult to go brought to you by manipulation.
  • jeremiah18:5-10
    Not Blind, you are correct!!
  • Phaedra
    Guess not, then.
  • jeremiah18:5-10
    Phaedra, I control stores in Ark, Ok, and Mo. Our franchise own stores in Chicago, I'm certain they are always hiring, but I don't have any say over those. Sorry for the delay in replying

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