Research - Jehovah's Witnesses claim to speak for God, and be his only channel of communication with earth.

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    I believe that before an active JW will care about all of the incorrect claims and prophecies made by the organization, they first must be shown how the society claims to be speaking directly for God, and revealing truth from God. Once this can be established, showing them all of the incorrect predictions and changes of doctrine can have an effect (Does Jehovah make mistakes? How can they be speaking for Jehovah if they were wrong? Etc.). I think it is also helpful to show how often they contradict themselves on this matter. This is why I put this information together.

    Jehovah’s Channel of Communication

    What is the Jehovah’s channel of communication? How does it function?

    Jehovah provides life giving information through a single channel of communication:

    “To maintain this heavenly and earthly society of ministers in complete happiness and purpose, Jehovah has an endless store of life-giving information available for communication progressively. The Bible describes him as “the fountain of living waters.”[…]there are not many lines of flow to truth, but a single set channel of communication”-

    W55 5/15 pp. 301-308 p. 11 (

    For communication with earth, Jehovah uses either angels or holy spirit to inspire the communication channel. The agent on earth is a “prophet” or “prophet like organization”. As the immediate earthly channel through which lifegiving truth are conveyed to earth’s thirsting residents, the prophet publishes the information to many whom God intends to hear the message.

    From the many recorded experiences we next observe that the official “Word” transmits the message either by means of an angelic messenger who appears face to face or by the use of God’s holy spirit to inspire the next agent in the line of communication[…]For supernatural communications that reach the earth the agent (generally a human, although once the ass of Balaam was used) is referred to Biblically as a prophet if he is a male servant of God or a prophetess if a woman. The prophet, in turn, speaks out the communication as God’s spokesman on earth. He publishes it to the many whom God intends to hear it if other than a single person is being specifically addressed. The prophet then becomes the immediate earthly channel through which the waters of lifegiving truth are conveyed to earth’s thirsting residents. Thus Jehovah’s earthly channel of communication is identified. The earthly channel is either a prophet or a collective prophetlike organization.

    W55 5/15 pp. 301-308 p. 16 (

    Jesus’ made plans for an anointed congregation of disciples to become the collective communication channel on earth, to make known God’s communications.

    “Jesus made plans for an anointed congregation of disciples to become the collective channel in the earth making known God’s communications […] This power is organizational in scope and applies to no one man”

    W55 5/15 pp. 308-316 p. 12 (

    Who/What is on the receiving end of this channel of communication today?

    Jehovah has a single channel of communication on earth today.

    “JEHOVAH has a channel of communication on earth? Yes, even as earthly governments have channels of communication for their subjects, so the great Ruler of the universe, Jehovah God, ever since he placed intelligent creatures upon this earth, has had channels of communication, but always only one at a time, to make known to men his will and purposes regarding them.”

    W56 1/1 pp. 28-29 p. 1 (

    The anointed Christian remnant among Jehovah’s witnesses that is Jehovah’s current communication channel on earth today, are the faithful and discreet slave. The faithful and discreet slave uses the Watchtower magazine as an official mouthpiece to publish direction they receive from God as his earthly communication channel. (Note: The communication channel has been described as being inspired by holy spirit or having an angel deliver information, and receiving information directly from Jehovah himself. At the same time, the claim is made that The Watchtower magazine which is used to distribute this information is not inspired, yet in the same paragraph it is described as directed by God.)

    The evidences, therefore, are overwhelming that the anointed Christian remnant among Jehovah’s witnesses today comprise the collective channel of communication. […] There are about 17,000 of these anointed ones still left in the earth, with a governing body of them residing at Bethel in Brooklyn, New York. […] This small “faithful and discreet slave” class of anointed ones, as they are designated, have a legal servant known as the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, organized in 1884, which they use to represent them.

    An official mouthpiece for this “slave” class is the Watchtower magazine, now in its seventy-sixth year of publication. This magazine makes no claim of inspiration but is guided by the inspired principles and prophecies recorded in the sacred Bible due for progressive fulfillment today. By means of this singular channel of reliable spiritual guidance all sincere, honest persons who love righteousness are being directed toward the “perfect day” in the post-Armageddon new world. You are invited to advance along with the anointed remnant from one God-directed progressive spiritual position –“

    W55 5/15 pp. 308-316 p. 33&34 (

    Jehovah’s current channel of communication is identified as the anointed Christian witnesses of Jehovah as a group. (note: Even though previously in 1955 the claim was made that the information from the anointed among Jehovah’s witnesses was not inspired, the claim is being made here that information received from them is from Jehovah himself. How can information be from Jehovah himself yet not be inspired?)

    “Today Jehovah has again a channel of communication in the earth […] Among the evidences pointing to the anointed Christian witnesses of Jehovah as a group being that channel are these: their witnessing to Jehovah’s name and established kingdom; their accepting the entire Word of God; their keeping separate from the world, and their being persecuted by all nations.

    Those who appreciate the foregoing facts will gladly serve with Jehovah’s channel of communication in this day […] are you making the most of your opportunities of serving with Jehovah’s channel of communication?”

    W56 1/1 pp. 28-29 p. 3&4 (

    Jehovah’s current channel is compared to past prophets in the bible, even Jesus himself.

    “That God has ever had on earth a man, society or organization to serve as a means of communication or channel the Bible clearly shows. Thus in the very beginning God informed Adam regarding his will for him, and Adam in turn instructed Eve”

    “After him came Enoch, who prophesied of a coming judgment”

    “Then there was Noah, who not only built a huge ark or chest but also served as “a preacher of righteousness”

    “Years later Jehovah God used Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as his mouthpieces.”

    “For many centuries the nation of Israel, and certain prophets in particular, served God’s purpose by communicating to men knowledge of God and of his will for them. As Moses told his people: “What great nation is there that has righteous regulations and judicial decisions like all this law that I am putting before you today?””

    “Upon his being baptized at the Jordan Jesus, the Son of God, began to serve as his Father’s channel of communication to men.”

    “After Jesus completed his work as a human channel of communication he ascended to heaven and at Pentecost poured out God’s holy spirit upon his waiting followers. From then on his apostles and certain older men of the Christian congregation at Jerusalem served as a channel of communication, as well as a governing body, for Christ’s followers.”

    W58 8/15 pp. 485-488 p. 1-5 (

    The Watchtower is once again defined as a tool used by Jehovah’s communication channel, the anointed Jehovah’s witnesses, to direct God’s work on earth.

    “The purpose of Jehovah God therefore calls for a channel of communication now […] Jesus, in his great prophecy about the end of this wicked old world, indicated that God would have a channel of communication at this time, which he would use to sound this warning: “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave” -

    “Is the Watch Tower Society this “faithful and discreet slave”? No, it is merely a corporate body, a legal instrument used by this “slave.” Who, then, is this “slave”? Not just one individual, but the composite body of dedicated, anointed footstep followers of Jesus Christ”

    W58 8/15 pp. 485-488 p. 8&10 (

    “The facts show that Jehovah God is using the Watch Tower Society to make known the facts about the vindication of his name, regarding Armageddon and concerning his established kingdom for which all Christians have been praying.”

    W58 8/15 pp. 485-488 p. 15 (

    The Watchtower stresses that a mature Christian must have complete confidence in the truth that is revealed by Jehovah God, through Jesus, and the faithful and discreet slave (which is the anointed governing body of The Watchtower). Although claiming that the Watchtower is not inspired, once again the contradicting statement that The Watchtower provides truth from God himself is made.

    “[…] a mature Christian must be in unity and full harmony with fellow believers as far as faith and knowledge are concerned. He does not advocate or insist on personal opinions or harbor private ideas when it comes to Bible understanding. Rather, he has complete confidence in the truth as it is revealed by Jehovah God through his Son, Jesus Christ, and “the faithful and discreet slave.” By regularly taking in the spiritual food provided “at the proper time”​—through Christian publications, meetings, assemblies, and conventions—​we can be sure that we maintain “oneness” with fellow Christians in faith and knowledge.”

    W01 8/1 pp. 12-17 p. 8 (

    The Watchtower makes the very serious claim that Jehovah is speaking today through the faithful and discreet slave, just as he spoke through Jesus Christ and spoke through the Inspired Word, the Holy Bible. The claim is made that if a Christian disobeys counsel from the faithful and discreet slave, the anointed Jehovah’s witnesses, it is akin to disobeying God himself.

    “God spoke to his people through Moses and other prophets. Then, Jehovah spoke to them through his Son, Jesus Christ. (Hebrews 1:1, 2) Today, we have God’s complete inspired Word, the Holy Bible. We also have “the faithful and discreet slave,” appointed by Jesus to provide spiritual “food at the proper time.” (Matthew 24:45-47) Thus, God is still speaking. But are we listening? For example, how do we respond to counsel about dress and grooming or choice of entertainment and music? Do we “listen,” that is, pay attention to and obey what is being heard? If we have the habit of making excuses or taking exception to the counsel, we are opening ourselves to the subtle danger of hardening our hearts.”

    W98 7/15 99. 9-14 (

    Recent doctrinal claim made most recently by The Watchtower.

    The Governing Body is made up at the time of this writing, 8 anointed Jehovah’s witnesses. According to the Watchtower they are the faithful and discreet slave. The Watchtower says that they are not inspired.

    “The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible. Therefore, it can err in doctrinal matters or in organizational direction. In fact, the Watch Tower Publications Index includes the heading “Beliefs Clarified,” which lists adjustments in our Scriptural understanding since 1870.”

    W17 February pp. 23-28 p. 12 (

    In the same article, in literally the next paragraph, they claim that holy spirit helps the Governing Body. Just like the previous claims of Holy Spirit delivering information through Jehovah’s earthly channel of communication.

    “The holy spirit has helped the Governing Body to grasp Scriptural truths not previously understood.”

    W17 February pp. 23-28 p. 13 (

    Even stranger, in the next paragraph, The Watchtower claims that the angels assist The Governing Body with their work. So now we have the claim that the Governing Body is not inspired, yet they receive direction from Holy Spirit and are assisted by the angels. Remember earlier claims of information coming from God through his channel communications via Holy Spirit or from angels. These contradictions are astounding, especially so that they are all back to back in the same article.

    “Evidence of angelic assistance. The Governing Body today has the colossal task of overseeing an international preaching work involving over eight million evangelizers. Why has that work been so successful? For one, angels are involved.”

    W17 February pp. 23-28 p. 14 (


    The Watchtower has consistently claimed to be inspired by God, providing information directly from Jehovah, and being the only source of information from Jehovah on earth – while at the exact same time saying that they are not inspired of God and are just men that can make mistakes. By doing this, they claim absolute authority (disobeying us is like disobeying God himself) and have cover when their prophetic claims prove to be untrue (See! We told you we are not inspired!).

  • WillYouDFme

    Wait! I thought I was the only one God talked to?

  • ElderEtta

    Great piece of work, Deut.

  • zeb

    This Jackson of the gb who was required to be examined at the CARC in Australia.

    the lady is one of the justices. The voice is the legal examiner. since appointed to Australia's high court.

  • atomant

    You only need to listen to the screw balls trying to explain the overlapping generation to know theyre not inspired by god.

  • smiddy3

    Welcome to the forum Deut18: 20-22

    ,You only have to look at the "Aid" book where they acknowledge that the name Jehovah is not the correct pronunciation of his name and that Yahweh may be closer to what the Tetragrammaton represents .

    However because the name "Jehovah" is/was the most popular name used in Christendom they chose to be identified by that name .?

    Haven`t they always said that Christendom tried to hide the name of GOD from there members ?

    And not to be overlooked is the origin of the name Jehovah ,a Spanish Catholic Monk of the 13th century named Raymundus Martinus or the like.

    Thank you for your research , much appreciated .

  • Finkelstein

    Its obvious in applying intellectual honesty that the executive leaders of the WTS made themselves god's chosen one or the FDSL for means of self empowerment and to help attract people to the literature they published.

    This self made identity aided in the intent to control people to their own will and purpose particularly for getting people to distribute the WTS literature, yet their professed doctrines were unscriptural and not bible based. (ie 1914)

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Welcome the forum Deut 18

    I'd like to add these to your list:

    w07 1/1 p. 28 par. 11 - "It seems that resurrected ones of the 24-elders group may be involved in the communicating of divine truths today."

    re chap. 20 p. 125 par. 17 - "This suggests that resurrected ones of the 24-elders group may be involved in the communicating of divine truths today." (spiritism at HQ?)

    w10 7/15 p. 23 par. 10 - "When the time comes to clarify a spiritual matter in our day, holy spirit helps “the faithful and discreet slave” at world headquarters to discern deep truths that were not previously understood."

  • zeb

    and my first 'bible' study actually a study of the "truth" book never once revealed the many changes in doctrine or failed predictions that the wt had made.Now just off my head so to speak,

    • the Malawi debacle and the sleaze by which bros could
    • pay off officials in another country to avoid military service were yet in the future.
    • that the wt would happily handover the 'field-service' records of young brothers in South Africa to determine their worth in or not in army call-up.
    • latino girls allowed to celebrate their 15th birthdays while no other birthdays were allowed to be celebrated.
    • brothers jailed at the wt stance over call up refusing to accept 'alternative service' as instructed (but told to say its my idea)
    • but then the wt changing its mind after so many had been jailed

    These blundering policy on the run deny any godliness or holy-spirit directed church/org/ society..

    The most recent and devastating indictments of the wt come out of the Australian Royal Commission into Child Abuse if we consider the words of Jesus he gave to the apostles when he said (in my words) Fear not when you are delivered up to the justices or tribunals of what you will say, for the words (by the holy spirit) will be given to you.

    The testimony of the wt elders as they were in turn on the stand was a revelation of the society divorced from God as they bumbled, fought for words, went into silences and in nigh every answer had a mantra almost of "we would call the branch office" and quite clearly expected the commission to roll over and say ok thats fine off you go..But, it did not...There was no witness to god to Christ to kindness or justice ie The holy spirit was missing.

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    Great list of wt quotes, thanks!

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