Happy Face to the World vs. Controlling Dogma to the Publishers

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  • Solzhenitsyn



    "Regarding other holidays, each Witness makes his or her own choice, striving “to maintain a clear conscience before God and men.”​

    Until recently, I was PIMI for 40 years.

    Could someone please tell me what "other holidays" I could "make my own choice" to openly celebrate?

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Arbor day?

    a priest, don Juan Abern Samtrés, which, according to the chronicles, "convinced of the importance of trees for health, hygiene, decoration, nature, environment and customs, decides to plant trees and give a festive air. The festival began on Carnival Tuesday with the ringing of two bells of the church, and the Middle and the Big. After the Mass, and even coated with church ornaments, don Juan, accompanied by clergies, teachers and a large number of neighbours, planted the first tree, a poplar, in the place known as Valley of the Ejido.

    Fuck. Not even that.


  • steve2

    Love the part about “each one striving to maintain a clear conscience before God and men.” I would have thought maintaining that clear conscience before God would be sufficient, without adding “...and men...” But then, we know that refers to the elders.

  • ThinkerBelle

    Thanksgiving is a religious holiday? That's a new one on me considering it's always been considered a secular holiday (in the US) since Lincoln/Roosevelt made it official.

    That said, what other holidays are there?? I think they covered banning all of them...

  • Listener

    If they are supposed to have a clear conscience before men then why do they not insist that their sins which are crimes be reported?

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