Feeling pressure to attend the Memorial?

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    Hi Fay Dehr, THANK YOU! I have been dreading what to do, because of my Mom. She took a fall a couple of weeks ago, is in a wheel chair presently and her dementia is worse. She doesn't even know what day it is. If anyone says anything, now I know what to say. (I could care less about going myself.) What a weight off my mind!


    Fay Dehr

    Great thread and research article!

    You said: As a former elder I write this response to hopefully help those genuinely feeling “guilt” before their God.

    As you know, Elders are used by the Watchtower Society to teach, discipline, and carry out all functions of the Society. One major function is hold the yearly Memorial. This day is used to show Theocratic Arrangement. The Memorial is just a showing to all its members who is in control. Without fear of Governing Body and the so-called 144,000, the whole religion crumbles. No one really needs to attendance. But, the the Society uses this day to show its power over each non-partaker.


  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    Hey "RULES & REGULATIONS" - love your pic; Snoopy and the whole Peanuts crew were childhood favourites. If Charles Shultz was still alive, he could draw a great cartoon about the characters in Peanuts and the dilemma of being pressured by "friends" and family to attend.

    On the many occasions that I conducted the Memorial over the years, I was so 100% sycophantic towards the narcissistic men you refer to that I would personally hand-write letters to everyone I could think of to get them to attend: non-believing spouses, inactive ones, former Bible studies and so on. I feel soooooooooo bad now - my conscience is killing me - when I think of the many still in, that I personally "helped"! I can only hope that I may be able to get them some real help now.

    Recognizing the power pyramid that you refer to, I guess one of the best ways we can dismantle it is one brick at a time...one human soul at a time. Sorry! That's getting rather heavy! Let's get back to Peanuts and Snoopy for a lighter perspective on life...

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  • jp1692

    It's important for us to develop self-awareness about emotional "pressure" such as this and correctly identify the source(s) of it.

    It this case, this "pressure" is the result of the indoctrinated guilt and phobias originating from the WT leadership.

    These are "commands of men" that can be disregarded with complete impunity and without the slightest twinge of guilt or remorse. - Matthew 15:9

    Stay away from the Kingdom Hall and enjoy your personal freedom--live your life as YOU choose and not as directed by the delusional leaders of an increasingly irrelevant cult.

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    How did Rutherford explain that the other sheep would not partake? It would make sense that before that “great announcement” of two flocks that all partook

  • LongHairGal

    I’m lucky because I haven’t had any pressure to go. My only JW ‘friend’ left did not mention it.

    I’m home relaxing and watching the Ten Commandments on TV. Tomorrow I will celebrate Easter over another friend’s home. I do not miss the JW religion one bit.

  • Alive!

    I felt I wanted to attend a service today....I went to a local church.....

    The whole service was one big thanks giving to Christ and He was the absolute focus, His death, His resurrection.

    His love, His love for every last one.

    It was very odd. 😉

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