The Exodus confirmed..

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  • wolfman85

    I recommend "Patterns of Evidence: Exodus". You can watch it full in Netflix.

  • Crazyguy
    I have read several things on this subject and the point of thread is that the evidence seems to point to this hyksos Exodus as the one that started the story even if yes many things in the story are not true. Several historians way back then agree that this is the event the Bible later talked about. I think this makes better sense then to think the whole story was just made up.
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic
    I think this makes better sense then to think the whole story was just made up.

    In what way does it makes more sense?

  • Mephis

    Just with the Moses name thing, the idea is that Moses is a shortened Egyptian name, "son of...", and could include *any* Egyptian god in it. So Tutmoses, Ramoses, Ptahmoses etc. But it isn't certain Moshe does come from the Egyptian. There is a Hebrew root which could also explain it very reasonably.

    I'd generally just caution against trying to pin too much 'history' to a narrative which really isn't about history. To take a neutral example, one can find historical fact in Homer's Iliad, but one wouldn't then want to use it as a full and accurate guide to Mycenae Greece and look for the 'historical' Helen. It's been done in the past, and it's failed! The setting is not as important as the story being told.

    Exodus is very fuzzy on the whole history thing, and the aim of it isn't so much to give a historical record but to provide a religious narrative. There may be points where it matches history, or a distorted oral tradition of it, but trying to hammer on historical events is always going to be problematic. There were links between Canaan and Egypt for half a millenia and more before the supposed time period of Joseph and Moses and we know but the barest fraction about what was going on. There may be many events which could have seeded the idea of people coming and going from Egypt. Choosing the Hyksos is quite literally choosing just one we know about and hanging things from that. Fun exercise but ultimately futile without knowing which sources were feeding those writing by the rivers of Babylon and later.

  • Aerodynamic

    I think this the gideo you guys may have saw. This is only a preview, the whole video was interesting. I think it was an hour long special on National geographic.

  • Vidiot


    Shades of Gilgamesh, no?

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence
    So the Israelites did not cross the Red Sea, they crossed the reed sea to the north! What a difference one letter makes!
  • Vidiot
    "...not Ireland, but Iceland... (pause for effect)..." - Michael J. Fox, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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