So much for the UK's "devolved" assemblies!

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  • BoogerMan

    On the subject of "Dis/UNITED Kingdom," I said: "I thought this was a national crisis. Boris only acts as Prime Minister of England."

    Someone was premature in thinking otherwise and offered to put me "straight" by asserting that the Covid 19 "pandemic" was a regional matter and not a national crisis, by claiming:

    "No it doesn't. London cannot dictate to the other governments of the UK in matters that are devolved. Do you really think Scotland or NI would stand for their devolution settlements being ripped up without the consent of the majority of the respective populations? That would be the road to breaking up the UK permanently."

    LOL. :) I hope the individual heard the BBC News report that the UK Home Secretary Priti Patel is enforcing 14 day quarantine plans for visitors to the UK (not just England?) from June 8th.

    "The Home Office said the new policy will be in place across the UK, although how it is enforced in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be determined by the devolved administrations."

    Wasn't the First Minister of Scotkland asked whether she agreed with this new directive from Westminster?

    Using the person's own reasoning, it looks like Boris just ripped up a piece of the alleged "devolution settlement."

    Anyone for a piece of humble pie?

  • cofty

    Boogy - What piece of the devolution settlement do you imagine Boris has 'ripped up' exactly?

    It's not that complicated. Protecting UK borders is a matter for Westminster, it was never devolved. No consultation is necessary. Specific implementation of new UK rules on overseas visitors is being left to devolved governments. e.g what the penalties are for breaking the rules.

    Rules regarding public health, education etc are devolved and have been decided by devolved governments throughout.

    So Scotland cannot ignore the new rules on the requirement for people entering the country via Edinburgh airport to be quarantined for 14 days - that would be illegal and Nicola Sturgeon need not be consulted - but they have responsibility to make specific plans how to implement the change. They can however decide when schools return.


  • mikronboy

    Let's remember that England is the only UK country that doesn't have a devolved parliament for itself. Instead it gets caught up in the general melee of the UK government, complete with all those Scottish gentlemen who act as MP's in matters that affect England directly.

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