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  • pimojw

    Hi all again

    i have seen various threads about who is really in charge (som suggest layers and accountants) and threads re the wt society directors. What about the wt voting members? Has this been discussed?

    has anyone ever managed to get a list of them? I have a feeling that some will just be old timers with little influence but some I have known are by no means that. They are definitely individuals who could very well be PIMO and using their position for financial gain somehow. I'm not talking about good Pimo, I mean bad pimo!

    as we all know the real annual meeting is the financial one for the voting wt members. Maybe a subsection of them are the ones really in control (they include helpers to the gb and branch committee members etc).

  • fulano

    It has been discussed. Most are bethelites and missionaries. I knew some of them, faithfull brothers. And there is no financial gain for them.

    Use the search option.

  • pimojw

    Thanks fulano. Do you have any tips on using the search in this instance? I did search before posting but found the words watch tower and members were too general to find anything.

    i don't have any particular belief on this matter...just making conversation! However I don't think my experience of a few wt members (nor your experience of "some") is conclusive! There can be as many as 500 according to the wt.

    my post suggested that "maybe" a "subsection" of them are individuals with power. I agree (and stated) that many will just be faithful sincere old timers (and I have known one such brother). Others I know (including a helper to the gb) are definitely not in that category in my opinion.

    just throwing it out as a possibility. Would be very interested to see the list of names for all members and not just the 7 directors. If there are any such posts on here I Would appreciate seeing he link please

    thanks agin for your opinion Fulano in this matter.

  • Bell

    I was a witness myself and I left 5 years ago. Since then I have been thinking of going back, but every time I do, I read about what’s wrong with the organization and that helps me.

    I speak English and french but my friends who are still witnesses do not speak English.

    I have been able to find information that are credible and accessible. JW.facts has been quiet helpful. Give me some suggestions as to how I can get these information in other languages to make it accessible for my friends who speak french. U guys have any idea.

  • scratchme1010

    Maybe that's why they make so many bad financial decisions (starting with not allowing their own members to make money), because it's not even clear who is in charge.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I don't know how the voting members have influence or control or could take it.
    I do know that there are so many different avenues that could cause a coup.

    But Rutherford did that and didn't make things better.

    What the heck difference does it make to the rank and file who is really running the show? All the members know is that the end of the world is coming any second now and to obey until the end.

    It's a dangerous mind-control cult. It doesn't need fixing. We need people to get out of it.

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