STIR CRAZY please help me covid-19 with religious family

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  • Wagurl

    Hi need some help with the teachings regarding the 4type horsemen and the virus. I'm 17 going to be 18 in six months. I am a running start student and trying to find the best way to move out after I graduate next year to continue. I'm planning to move out with my best friends and trying to stash as much cash as possible. WITH the virus everyone is talking about the 4th horse and like how the the great tribulation is about to happen. I know this a cult (the logical side) maybe this social distancing is getting to me since I only get to see my family and brothers and sisters from zoom. But the other side is like what if they say is true and like the "double life" or my true self is screwed. I've done personal research and I know its ran by control and fear but a part of me is still fearful. Do you ever get to the point where you dont hear there teachings in the background of your mind? I just want a normal life and I'm so close but with social distancing and everyone freaking out it's made me low key kinda like believe it. Also if anyone can help me with dis- crediting that the virus is a "SIGN" and that when things get "better" then like "sudden destruction will be upon them" that we are headed towards the last days just so I can have peace when I sleep at night.. Sorry if you made it this far thank you so much I appreciate it a lot. Like I truly do and I will read anyone comments

    Thank you so much

  • Wakanda

    Research. Research. Research. It really helps tremendously with doubts, and is a must in order to avoid getting sucked back in when you are at a vulnerable spot in your life. About hearing the teachings in your head: It does get better to use a cliche, again the research is invaluable. Read all of JWFacts and WT Documents and you should be set. Read stuff about how nasty the leaders always were from first hand experiences. Watch Howie Tran's video on Lloyd Evan's channel.

    Sorry about the annoying behavior of those PIMIs. EXJW Analyzer has some good videos on the statistics of pandemics and wars, etc compared to today. Some old pandemics make this one look like a couple mosquito bites. I mean 1/2 of Europe might have been wiped out by one? Puhleeze JWs. Look at 13-15th century history. This is much better. It is not nothing, but really.

    In the 90s they were saying "We are deep in the time of the end" and the end couldn't be more than 15 years away. That would mean paradise right now. Are we in paradise? NO. They are liars. This is narcissistic future faking.

    In a couple months they will be saying SOME were thinking this was going to start the GT, and we don't know the day or the hour. Blame the victim, GB, Blame the victim.

    Good Luck and stay safe!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    It's very hard to know where you stand when you've grown up as a JW because on one hand you can see the holes in their beliefs and on the other, there's a nagging "what if they're right" feeling in the pit of your stomach whenever something noteworthy (negative) is going on in the world.

    There are two things coming into play here "Confirmation Bias" and "Frequency Illusion/Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon" :

    Confirmation bias:The tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of ones existing beliefs/theories. (beliefs you learned from JW's)

    Example: In 1957 when the first satellite was launched into space, JW's said it confirmed the Bible's end time prediction that there'd be fearful signs from the heavens in the last days. Every year before and since then, there have been world events that could be interpreted as the end and every JW has shaken in his/her boots when they've occurred.

    Frequency Illusion/Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon: A cognitive bias which describes our tendency to see new information, names, ideas or patterns 'everywhere' after they're brought to our attention.

    Rather than seeing earthquakes, hurricanes, diseases, food shortages as isolated incidents, for the past 100+ years, JW's have been on the lookout for signs and have shoehorned every unfavorable global occurrence into being signs of the time of the end. They even view normalcy or favorable occurrences (peace and security) as a sign of the end. If mankind accomplishes something good, they say it's because Satan is trying to mislead them into thinking they don't need God.

    My advice:

    Do your best to abide by the rules of the house and be as pleasant as possible. Your family undoubtedly loves you and has your best interest at heart.

    Say one more prayer and tell God that you are willing to do whatever it is he wants you to do but ask him to make it clear to you that he exists and what it is he want from you. Then leave it in his hands.

    Go about your life being the most decent upright noblest, healthiest and prettiest person you can be. Don't make the mistake of thinking that if you're not a JW, that the rules no longer apply and you now have license to be immoral, dishonest and do as you please. Take care of your health, improve yourself, learn new things, do good for others, be honest and do the right thing no matter what. Stay fresh and young for as long as you can. Your life doesn't have to become a train wreck if you choose not to be a JW and it doesn't have to be miserable if you stay. Many JW's find a way to make things work for them. It's only a religion and you can choose how seriously you take it.

    There is no emergency here. Take a wait and see attitude. If there is a God and he does in fact have good things in store for mankind, there's no reason an honest upright and decent person like the one you're striving to be, shouldn't be a part of it too. Just don't let this situation make you sneaky and dishonest or bitter. You'll end up not liking yourself and your opinion of you is the most important opinion of all.

  • caves
    This is narcissistic future faking.

    That might be a good topic for you to research as well. Clinical Narcissism.

    Since your confined in close quarters and if your worried about anyone seeing what your researching,.. that topic probably wouldn't raise any red flags for them. A clinical narcissist hardly ever knows they are. But I think it will help you see it from a perspective that could assist you in the long run.(Thinking long term, also may help) Many ex jws fall victim to narcissist once out. It could help you build a foundation of logic in regards mind control. Both religious and secular. 'Codependency No More' by Melody Beattie, Is a good read too and could dovetail nicely into your research.

    I was sucked back in several times. 2 decades wasted. Learning about clinical narcissist and their tactics really helped. Along with research into the jws.

    I would research both because what you describe is a rather normal feeling given your situation.

    Narcissist has become a rather over used buzzword in the last decade so I would personally read about it on psychology articles and not a sensationalistic blog or something trying to gain followers. ( Not that those people are wrong, it just sometimes to simplistic yet over the top.)

    I do understand where you are coming from. Those feelings are normal. There is nothing wrong with you having them. at. all. In time, it should get much better. Go easy on yourself.

  • BluesBrother

    Individuals in the Witnesses may conclude that the Gt Tribulation is upon us but the Society do not say that. Responsible elders and mature Witnesses refute that. They know that,even according to their beliefs there is a hell of a lot to happen first.

    Yes they relate this to the four horsemen of Rev. But they have been riding since 1914 , they say... As the expression goes “Don’t get your knickers in a twist over it”

  • smiddy3

    Jehovah`s Witnesses have been living on the edge for the past 140 years forever looking at every negative thing going on in the world and saying to themselves this is it ,this is it ,this is it.

    Honestly have they ever been right about anything they have predicted in their books ?

    "Your Will Be done on Earth"?

    "Babylon The Great has Fallen" ?

    "Revelations Grand Climax " ?

    The short answer is no.

    Its a religion based on FEAR ,fear of the GT ,fear of Armageddon ,fear of displeasing Jehovah,and above all

    FEAR of not following the directions of the Governing Body of Jehovah`s Witnesses.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Lots of great advice and direction. The best advise IMO -- "there is no emergency here". Wait and see..."

    I realize you want to "wrap this up" and have some kind of closure and move on. That may never happen for you and you stated the reason: "Do you ever get to the point where you don't hear there teachings in the background of your mind?" Sadly, probably not. For me at least, I still think of JW spin, even if it's in a negative connotation, when things happen. (ie, "I can't believe I ever believed that bullshit!) -- So, chill it for a spell. DO NOT STOP YOUR EDUCATION! But don't become an anti-JW activist. Don't be a martyr. It's OK to live a double life for awhile. (I don't mean morally. I mean PIMO -- Physically In Mentally Out.)

    I didn't see where you mentioned your status -- baptized or not. Big difference! If you are NOT yet dunked -- DON"T DO IT! If you are, you must walk on eggshells if you do not want to risk being DFd and "losing" friends and perhaps even family.

    As a point of reason (JW style), there are "many things" that must yet take place before the GT. All the "Kings of the Earth" (government) " is supposed to first attack false religion. Hasn't happened. (Fundamentalist church goers are Trump's base.) There is to be the call for "peace and security". Hasn't happened. (US and China entering a worsening trade war over COVID19 issues.)

    I was personally in the exact same position at your age. It was when the May 22, 1969 Awake! magazine (please Google that) was released. To summarize, it said a person my (your) age could not complete college. THE GREAT TRIBULATION IS NEAR! Well, dear, it didn't happen then and it's not going to happen now. Sadly I wasted another 30+ years entangled in a Cult. Please don't repeat my mistake.

    Good luck! Check in with us often. We want to help!


  • Vanderhoven7

    If you read Matthew 24 you will see that the tribulation was local to Jerusalem and Judaea.; that Christians were to run to the mountains when they saw Jerusalem surrounded by armies, and to pray that their flight would not be in winter or on a Sabbath day. This event was to precede the destruction of the temple and city (not one stone left on another) followed by the dispersion of surviving Jews to all nations. This happened in 70 AD as an unrepeatable event.

    Matthew 24 and Luke 21 are parallel passages which should set your mind at ease that Jehovah's Witnesses have no idea how to interpret biblical prophecy and never have.

  • tiki

    Calm something new and different and think positive happy thoughts. The religion is based on negativity, fear and manipulation. It has to be difficult when that is all you are surrounded by...but if you immerse your brain in other things you can keep your sanity!! Good luck!!

  • Giordano

    Get out as soon as you can.

    Make sure you continue your education be it a trade, higher learning.

    Read everything you can get your hands on. is an excellent information source.

    Knowing what the WT actually teaches is mind blowing.

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