Just About To Leave For My Work's Christmas Party

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  • pale.emperor

    It's my work's Christmas parts this evening. Just getting myself ready for it and decided to wear a suit rather than casual shirt and pants. It's funny because I've just noticed that I now only own one suit. I used to have about 5. All cheap and worn about a thousand times each. Now I own only one suit and it's a damn nice one. I remember when I had a wardrobe and personality makeover (which I think we all do eventually when we leave the cult) and I ditched all of my suits. Months later I was invited to a child's christening by a friend (a christening! in a Catholic church!!) so I went out to buy a new suit. Seeing as this will only come out on special occasions I decided to buy a really good one.

    I mean, it makes sense right?

    So off I go to my work party looking dapper. I even have some cigars in by inside pocket which I'll share with anyone who fancies a step outside for a break from all the loud "worldly" music and "debauchery".

    This could get messy guys. Wish me luck!

  • dubstepped

    Have fun, but be sure to read the latest Watchtower condemning Christmas as a refresher on why it's evil before you go so that you can tell the others.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Get the blue suit the orange ones is to bright. Lol. Have a great time at the Christmas party. Still Totally ADD

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hey P E its good to see you are moving on with your life!

  • LV101

    Awesome! Have a great time -- it's a beautiful time of the year but don't forget, Baby It's Cold Outside!

  • hybridous

    Isn't it grand to NOT have to wade through and drag around all the BS WT baggage about everything?

  • carla

    Have a great time!

  • zeb

    Im off to a christmas/end of year/ awards presentation dinner today. Its for a camera club and they are a nice bunch of people.

    I too have only one suit but it has 'shrunk'..

  • smiddy3

    have a great time fellar`s and remember what happens at xmas parties stays at xmas parties .

  • zeb

    we had a beautiful meal and some 'table' prizes were given out. One young feller won a toilet roll and he could not stop laughing! (He exchanged it for anothers prize)

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