October 31, 2017 TO SELECTED BOEs IN THE US BRANCH TERRITORY Re: Discontinuation of the Funds-on-Deposit Arrangement

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  • Lostandfound

    Next step credit card machines unlocking doors to washrooms , no money deposit, then no deposit !

  • pontoon

    Walmart runs sales, restaurants have a daily special, tire shop advertises buy 3 get one free, wat corporation asks for more money, and people give and it makes them feel good because it is another payment for the hope of living in paradise.and that paradise hope is what their product is. If they constantly were not asking for money they would not be running their business well. They are not going broke, they've successfully changed from a begging, printing business to a begging, media, internet, real estate rental business. Rolling in money and can't spend it fast enough. Keep sending that money in and make jehovah smile and a better shot at paradice. Any other scenario it wouldn't work but in the name of religion common sense is out and hands go in the pockets and come out with cash. Anyone think the corporation was a little jealous of the 100's of millions the TV evangelists pull in every week? We have to get a piece of that. So they added JW.ORG to their business model as well..

  • stillin

    I think that the congregation's should just send ALL of their money on hand and trust in God to supply what they need.

    I wonder how the WTS "selected" the congregation's that got this letter...

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    stillin2 minutes ago4 minutes ago

    I think that the congregation's should just send ALL of their money on hand and trust in God to supply what they need.

    I wonder how the WTS "selected" the congregation's that got this letter...

    good point. i would imagine its to those who do have money on deposit with the wts.. no point in alerting those broke dicks without any money.

  • tiki

    Tis a most crooked operation. Criminal thievery of duped people under the guise of a religion.

  • The_Seeker

    I believe that there maybe a drain on resources that is not known publicly. Perhaps in days gone bye they borrowed money from sources that say pay up or we take everything and they are trying to appease these people until they can get the donations back to where they need to be, which I don't think will happen. As I said in another post for the JWs it is the Last Days. The Last Days of the Watchtower Society. The jig is up, information is widely available on the web so people can see the lies perpetrated by the Watchtower Society and they are seeing the light and leaving this poor misguided people behind. I don't know what will happen, but for the JWs the end truly is very near.

    In Love And Peace

    The Seeker

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Apparently not all congregations followed the WT's directives to donate all money over a few months operating cost over to them. I see an alarming rate of disobedience to corporation directives festering in the spiritual paradise.

  • respectful_observer

    It's my own personal best guess that both the "forgiving" of loans a few years back, and now this-- the apparent refusal by the WTS to continue to hold funds on behalf of congregations-- were both as a result of legal advice. In both cases the WTS' activities could have been interpreted by some banking regulators as dangerously close to acting as an (unregistered/unregulated) bank.

    The last thing the WTS would want to do is put itself on the hook as a registered bank since it would then have to disclose lots of info to both the banking regulators and to the bank's customers (those congregation for whom they are holding funds, a.k.a., "deposits").

  • pontoon

    Respectful ---- absolutely, you said it better then me.

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