My door intercom......

by stan livedeath 14 Replies latest jw experiences

  • nowwhat?
    "Yes sonny, honesty is the best policy. What else you got?" "um, well, ah. ....mommy!"
  • blondie

    How unnerving. I was sent door to door by myself at 11....odd numbers or too many children, can't go d2d with 4 children in tow.

    Me: excuse me is there an adult with you? No, then your mommy or daddy need to call the police and find out if you should be by yourself.

  • tiki
    Best response... Let me speak with the adult accompanying comes on......tell them it is inappropriate for minor children to be initiating such encounters....then shut them off.
  • blondie
    Right, tiki, just joking
  • rebelfighter
    Wait, if I am not mistaken even the Girl Scouts in the US has stopped D2D selling because of the pedophiles at the door you are knocking at! So if the JWS are protecting their young ones why are they sending them D2D, who knows what lurks behind closed doors of strangers?

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