The new me and DE shaving

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  • PlatinumFix

    I haven't seen a thread quite on the same subject so weren't sure where to file it :) So 2016 will be the start of the new me. I've nearly cleared my small amount of debt. I'm going to get some new clothes and stuff as a single person. Nearly finished my diploma and I'm hoping to start my degree next year. It's been a tough year but thank you for you comments on my threads and it's interesting reading the posts of others.

    I think even though we are/have learning/learnt TTATT we are in very different circumstances and we have to make the best of the circumstances that we find ourselves in. Anyway I was looking into double edged shaving and wondered whether anyone on this forum having any experiences? :)

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    Can you enlighten me? What is double edged shaving and how does it look? Picture maybe?

    Otherwise congratulations on your education and plans for the future, sounds like you have things in check and you are enjoying life...way to go!

  • TheListener

    PlatinumFix, it sounds like you are doing good. Keep up the hard work.

    As far as shaving goes I never tried the double edged but I did try straight edge. It was just too time consuming for me. It gave a super close shave but it took me too long. Maybe if I kept it up I could have gotten better at it and faster.

  • pronomono

    I started DE shaving about a year ago off and on. It's my luxury shave for when I want to take a little more time for myself. Get a razor you like, spend a little extra to get a good quality brush (badger, not boar), and get a multipack of razors to see which you like better. I like Feather and Shark razors the best so far. Some of the cheaper blades didn't seem to cut as well or last as many shaves. But with DE razors as cheap as they are, you can afford to replace the blades each week or more often depending on how much use it sees that week.

    Here's what I got the first time around and I highly recommend it:

    Maggard Razors also has sample packs of shaving creams so that you can find the scent you like without being stuck with a tub you don't. I got the Taylor of Old Bond Street sample and found three scents that I liked and quite a few that I didn't. Watch some YouTube videos to learn the proper lathering/shaving technique and start practicing.

    Then one day you'll decide it's time to move up to straight edge shaving.

  • Pathofthorns

    Imo, DE shaving is the way to go. Most recommend starting with something like an Edwin Jagger or Merker razor. Most vintage Gillettes are good and clean up nice and the adjustable ones are sought after, particularly the ones called a 'fatboy'. These are available on Ebay and imo worth the investment. Initial start up costs can be very low or you can get carried away and end up buying several razors (a syndrome referred to as Razor Acquisition Disorder ;) You can also order a cheap chinese razor and they work well too.

    Blades are mostly personal preference and you need to take into consideration your facial hair type, skin type, and aggressiveness of the razor. Most recommend a 'sampler' pack of blades ordered online and once you find ones you like, then you can order more reasonably by the 100 pack from online sites.

    For the full experience it is recommended to use a badger brush and creams and soaps as opposed to shaving foams in a can, but there really are no rules that say you have to. You can also buy a bristle brush for less money. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg on these things for good results, but again one can get carried away.

    There are lots of forums that discuss the benefits and offer advice on de shaving so google is your friend. It does take a little longer and at least 2 passes but turns a boring ritual into something enjoyable. You can also be a bit too nervous at first and that will pass as you develop a good technique.

  • PlatinumFix

    Thanks for the messages guys, well I'm guessing your guys :)

    RE: Badger or bore - Personally speaking I'm actually planning on getting a synthetic shaving brush. I want an animal cruelty free one but I understand why people buy badger brushes

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