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  • Iamallcool

    Did you read the Daily Texts when you were a Dub? Did anything from the Daily Texts wake you up about the truth about the truth?

  • WTWizard

    To me, it was a complete waste of time. Field circus and boasting sessions wasted enough of my time, and I had no inclination to waste even more reading a bunch of scriptures and commentary I have heard a billion times before.

  • Snoozy

    Funny story about the daily text. My hubby was dying from cancer and I asked for the congregation to send someone to visit him. I had disassociated myself many years ago but Hiuby was raised in the religion and was baptized but didn't go to meeting very often until he got sick. they came once and then disappeared. Seemed there was a assembly coming up and they were rehabbing a house for the Overseer to stay in and were short of time to get it done. So when i complained about hubby being neglected in his time of need and his Mom who had been in the religion practically since it was formed.. :) also complained and got her men in her congregation to call and complain no one still came. Well they later said that John though Joe was coming and Joe thought John was coming but neither was coming .. When again teh complaints came in they finally sent their only available brother out to visit. He was at least in his 80's and mostly deaf. Well by this time hubby was getting weak and couldn't talk that well. So the older almost deaf brother decided the best to do was simply read the daily text to my hubby when he came over.. Well I am in the other room as I have no desire to hear any of this cra*. But I do hear the brother as deaf people tend to shout. the daily text was about a woman having her menstral cycle..I almost died laughing at the gall of it all..how dare him. He left after that forgetting to say a prayer even for hubby and I was outraged. i kept that to myself as hubby couldn't have cared less as he was lamost out of it anyway by then. But to this day I can't help but get a nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever I see the daily text mentioned. Can you blame me? After he died they came back and apologized and gave me the story about how each thought the other was coming to see him. . I loved my husband but in his last days he spent a lot of time on the back porch with his mom who came to stay for a week. He told me his mom told him that in the New World Jehovah will make him forget me and give him a new wife..to this day I see that day as my freedom day..they were out of my life for good. the days of hearing how I was going to die soon or the days of hearing how they were going to live in the new world and I wasn't because I left..How I was evil and part of the world. Oh the things I could tell her and the others about their precious son..if what they say is true ..he will be kicked out of the new world immediately ;) and so will she. And so will all the brothers that ignored him when he was dying..My husband did horrible things that they never knew about and yet sat in judgement of me who would never have broken any law of ten commandment for the life of me. they on the other hand ...yep. Anyway I ramble on..it just that when the daily text was posted about it took me back to those days for a minute. One that I never want to relive again and will never again have no respect for that religion again. glad I left them . The whole religion is a lie. BTW I have a friend that is going abck . She is bedridden and I think the only reason is her dad is also considering going back. Hid current wife is a wonderful woman but Catholic. I can see history repeating itself as they have both been recently diagnosed with some form of cancer. I feel so bad for her. He can and may make her life miserable. So sad.

  • zachias

    This was one of the first cracks in the edifice for me. The daily text instead of being a nice, truly kind up-building thing to start your day was (in my mind) some old looney yelling at me as I had my breakfast.

  • joe134cd

    Snoozy- Reading what you wrote made me so glad I never spent another day in that religion.

  • Gorb

    We had a brother in the KH who made an index of 40 years daily text, so when he had a part of the meeting, he could make a very fast preparation.

    He showed me his system and it was genious.


  • waton

    On the 17, there was an interesting text that quoted "Jehovah" to be not eternally resentful. picturing a caricature, parody of the awesome creation. these texts are a goldmine to show the unreasonableness of the religion[s]

  • slimboyfat

    Yes it’s funny because they look as if they are devotional readings with nice comments added on. In reality they are isolated verses, taken out of context, and supplemented by some of the wackiest and manipulative paragraphs from last year’s Watchtowers.

    As mentioned above, they’re often relied upon by elders visiting publishers because they have no clue about how to show genuine interest in other people.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I'd go through periods of trying to be consistent in read the daily text but it usually faded out over time.

    Looking back, I realize that a lot of importance was put on the daily text because it was the perfect place for them to take a single scripture, isolate it from the surrounding verses and interpret it completely out of context. Typically they'd sum it up with comments that eluded to how wonderful they are and how grateful we should be and how we we needed to be doing more.

  • BluesBrother

    Like Pete (above) I could never keep up the habit.

    When taking a discussion on the text with the cong. It was always a struggle to talk about the scripture. The bros. Would rather take points from the WT comment. I am sure they never knew the difference.

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