De muslim rebels are try to enforce Islam on my family and de village.

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  • dropoffyourkeylee
    Anyone really in a situation like that wouldn't have Internet access.

    Inglan is a bitch doubt a bout it !

    I'm a joinin da revalushan !!

  • cappytan
    De watchtower elders are try to enforce JWism on my family and de village.
    My name is Indigo Montoya, but my friends dey call me Iggy. I live in a village in urban US in the state of Florida. My family has left the Jehovah witnesses after two or three overlapping genorations since de first missionaries came to de ancestors many moons ago. I do not no what to do at de moment, I love my freedom and de village, but de watchtower elders are closing in on us and our people. dey threaten us with de committee and de shunning if we do not convert to de JWism. I am scared but I am brave Florida man and I will never surrender my faith to dees invaders. de leader of de watchtower elders is a man named COBE Bryant, he is fearce and dangerous man who says dat de Faders are worse dan de normal ones who leave and has promised de shunning of us unless we will come back. Thee government will not help us, as dey are corrupted by de philosophy of religious tolerance. I am asking that you think of us and our fight as I lead my family against de invaders and also for any advise on what I should do?Oh, and is it okay if I direct you to my gofundme account? Your involuntary donations would be much appreciated.
  • park ave boy
    park ave boy

    If Mark Sanderson had an evil twin in Africa...


  • jookbeard
    I've had to pull over in my Lamborghini to read this!
  • jookbeard
    Ogwambi, surely they have IP address masking software in your Ugandan village?
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