Simple Thought Experiment with a stunning premise!

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  • Terry

    If God created "the best of all possible worlds" the fall of humanity is the best He can do.
    A "god" who can't do better than this - a god who is driven toward a rescue scheme for flawed outcomes is perhaps not so different from humanity.
    In fact, just exactly the sort of god we'd expect a human brain to concoct as an escape from oblivion in death.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Just thinking out loud here: consider the origin of god as to whether there is a god.

    Now my cat has no god except perhaps he thinks I am god, but being cat i.e. being independent and his kind being on planet Earth for 20 million years, he still has not begun to have religion. Do primates have gods? When did God get started?

    God first made an appearance within the convoluted folds of the cerebral cortex most likely in the brain of Homo sapiens. Pre-sapiens were no doubt superstitious (which comes effectively from the particular wiring of the brain evolved for safety's sake). Homo sapiens, running with the superstitions, recognised a spirit world, reflecting and influencing their own lives, the world of their dreams and imagination and narcotic experiences, and as archaeological evidence has it, possible worship of the idealised breeding mother!

    In the Stone Age it was invisible Animal Masters who had to be appeased for good hunting to be able to survive. The Native Americans and their relatives the Siberian peoples yield the blue-print for this. This meant sacrifice and rituals to demonstrate the desire to cooperate with the one who controlled the hunter's quarry and hence their own lives.

    Once farming began in the Middle East around 10,000 years ago the supposed rulers of humans on earth changed to a new set of values, farmers values. The Goddess Ceres comes to mind, cereals were all important so you needed deities who could be appeased to protect your crops.

    The idea of an almighty creator God only started what; three thousand four hundred years ago in Egypt? but was very slow to catch on.The notion that there exists a singular creator god is really then a Bronze Age invention which the Bible adopts and vehemently curses those disgusting aliens and non-conformists who disbelieve the singular invisible tribal deity. No longer is he the local ox headed idol Yahweh, son of the God El borrowed from the Phoenician pantheon-- but the brand spanking new style invisible Yahweh who now has become the creator of everything. . . (pull the other leg)

    So the concept of a singular, all powerful creator is a relatively recent phenomenon on this planet.The character of this invisible and unknowable entity has also evolved in parallel with human social needs and cultural developments, so I think it is safe to say that the overwrought imagination of the human brain is the creator of God.

    If anyone has evidence to the contrary --let us know.

  • Terry

    Real things and real people are indifferent to our belief of their existence;
    it is only imaginary things and people which are entirely dependent on human belief.

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