95 Un-Truths - celebrate 500 years since Diet of Worms

by Anthony Morris DeTurd 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • dubstepped

    A cursory glance shows Luther to pose statements rather than questions, so I'll pose a few.

    The concept of blood fractions is not found in the Bible.

    With that said, the context of scriptures in Acts and other such verses about blood were referencing specific issues of the time.

    And in doing so all blood represented taking a life, whereas in today's medical realm blood is not taken from death but rather used to preserve life.

    Nowhere in scripture did our Exemplar shun anyone.

    Whereas Jehovah's Witnesses teach members to shun, even to isolate from family that was never baptized.

    Every human being on earth can grasp the concept of what a generation entails, yet you continue to change its meaning.

    Scripture states that the end will comes as a thief, that the day nor the hour does anyone know, yet you continue to try to predict it, the very essence of a doomsday cult.

    I could go on and on, but alas there are homes to be cleaned and it is my time to get to it.

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