My Convention Experience and Thoughts !

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  • jdash

    So during the week of July 6-8th I went to the convention. I had a funny experience.

    To start off, I'm usually with my close friends that I know and who basically have the same mindset as I do. But during Saturday, during lunch, me and my buddies were walking outside and we noticed someone was singing real loud and kinda in a deep voice. So we made our way around to the sound and noticed it was a big dude. We were laughing and whatnot and joking. We started to record it and put it on snapchat. Then he started moving and some attendants started to try to talk to him but he didn't bother, he still continued singing. I think that gave him more attention and he kept doing it. After lunch I saw him in the convention area, but he was quiet. He looked like he didn't care about the convention and wanted to interrupt it, although he never did anything within the arena.

    Then on Sunday, we did the same thing. This time he was wearing a blue bandana, so we were making jokes that he was a "crip" and whatnot. Honestly, he was minding his business and was just walking outside. Some attendants were following him and he noticed that. I guess they didn't want anything wild to happen. Once again, they started talking to him and it seemed as he got irritated. He started getting loud and the attendants were like circling him. I think all that attention he was receiving helped him because he wouldn't stop. At this point, me and my buddies were literally laughing out loud. Everybody was staring at him. I heard someone say he was an ex witness. He put the middle fingers up at the attendants. Then he went inside with the attendants and that was the end of that. My buddies and I enjoyed it and didn't care, because we didn't want to be there in the first place.

    I don't know if that was planned by anyone here but if it was thank you for making me a laugh.

    Anyways, I know I had said I was going to leave at 18, but I think I'm not going to. I'm going leave after I graduate high school. I'll be going to college anyways. Senior year starts in like 2 weeks and I'm ecstatic about it.

    Everyone asks me about what is my next goal within the religion, and I, throw away my pride, and say "I probably be a regular pioneer." I only tell certain people what is my next move after high school.

    I think that is it. I know I haven't been active and that is because I am usually playing fortnite, 2k, or other games with my buddies.

  • dubstepped

    Hey, if you have to go to one of those awful things, you have to find joy anywhere that you can. At least you have some friends there with you too. Enjoy what you can, make the best of it, and then go have a good life without the cult.

  • steve2

    Thanks jdash. I enjoyed your post.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Thanks jdash.

    I noticed more this year and last the attendants watching the entrances like hawks.

    They even have convention goers walking between temporary fencing going into the convention arena. They have attendants even opening the doors to all people coming in. And then attendants opening the second-set of doors after you leave the foyer area to get into the main arena.

    It seems there are more attendants than ever before, watching who's coming and going, at all times.

    They had pylons between the parking lot and the arena to have convention goers walk exactly where they wanted to at all times. With at least 2 or 3 attendants for every 20 feet of walking space, outside.

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    jdash. All the best and hopefully in your case JWs won't grill you a lot. Because in my case the older I was getting the more forceful they were becoming. They were thinking that the older I am the more I love Organisation.

  • Vidiot
    jdash - "Everyone asks me about what is my next goal within the religion, and I throw away my pride, and say 'I probably be a regular pioneer'..."


    Wanna have some fun? Give 'em something to really chew on...

    ...tell 'em you're "aiming for the top... Governing Body, all the way."


  • AverageJoe1

    Attended ours recently and can't really say anything more than has already been said by those other unfortunate individuals who were pressured to attend.

    The only thing I will add is how many speakers were repeated: we had 6 elders give two talks as well as being involved in interviews. This did not go unnoticed by the Dubs and there were a few "again?"s said out loud within my earshot. I know there are lots of good speakers in the area but maybe they are not "yes men" like me.

    Most of the ones on the program were butt-kissers, self-righteous pharisees who love prominence as could be seen by announcing "who serves as an elder in the such-and-such congregation (plus any other spiritual curriculum)" even though the outline states they should just announce the name.

    Only good feedback I heard from PIMI Dubs was how they enjoyed the videos... nothing about the talks!!

  • Vidiot

    I still go to the occasional meeting with my almost-90-year-old Mom (on account of her being, y'know, almost 90), but it isn't butt-kissing, self-righteousness, or elitism that actually gets to me.

    It's hearing information that I know is wrong presented as immutable fact..

    ...and/or hearing correct information presented in a way that reinforces wrong ideas.

    For some reason, that chaps my ass more than almost anything else.

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