Douglas Walsh Trial Testimony - Take II

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    "Q. Back to the point now. A false prophesy was promulgated?
    A. I agree that.
    Q. It had to be accepted by Jehovah’s Witnesses?
    A. That is correct.
    Q. If a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses took the view himself that that prophesy was wrong and said so he would be disfellowshipped?
    A. Yes, if he said so and kept persisting in creating trouble, because if the whole organisation believes one thing, even though it be erronious and somebody else starts on his own trying to put his ideas across then there is disunity and trouble, there cannot be harmony, there cannot be marching. When a change comes it should come from the proper source, the head of the organisation, the governing body, not from the bottom upwards, because everybody would have ideas, and the organisation would disintegrate and go in a thousand different directions. Our purpose is to have unity.
    Q. Unity at all costs?
    A. Unity at all costs, because we believe and are sure that Jehovah God is using our organisation, the governing body of our organisation to direct it, even though mistakes are made from time to time.
    Q. And unity based upon an enforced acceptance of false prophecy?
    A. That is conceded to be true.
    Q. And the person who expressed his view, as you say, that it was wrong, and was disfellowshipped, would be in breach of the Covenant, if he was baptized?
    A. That is correct.
    Q. And as you said yesterday expressly, would be worthy of death?
    A. I think – – –
    Q. Would you say yes or no?
    A. I will answer yes, unhesitatingly.
    Q. Do you call that religion?
    A. It certainly is.
    Q. Do you call it Christianity?
    A. I certainly do."


    Crazy, right?? That attitude remains. If you don't believe it, just tell your local BOE that the WT magazine contains errors. You will find yourself in a star-chamber hearing before you can say, " Jumpin' Jehosaphat!!"


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