Changed convention theme?

by izobcenec 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • izobcenec

    I have heard a rumour, that some upcoming convention theme was changed, because
    it promissed too much...I dont know if its the "special assembly day" theme or some other...
    Can anyone confirm this?

  • blondie

    Do you mean this old one?

    The End is Coming in 1975

    The new one is:

    The End Came in 1975 Invisibly

    Blondie (just kidding)

  • Rainmakerone

    i know that "millions now living will never die" has been changed to "millions now dead will never know" lol :)

  • izobcenec

    no, this is serious...two elders confirmed this but I couldnt
    get any more info...

  • blondie

    Izo, I know the special day (August KM) and circuit assembly (July KM) themes are announced in KM. But I suppose that won't tell you what it used to be.

    Keep checking. You found 2 loose-lipped elders, you can find more.


  • izobcenec

    I will eventually find out, I thought someone knew something...
    The elders were quite upset about that change and wondered,
    why it happened...

  • rocketman
    The elders were quite upset about that change and wondered,
    why it happened...

    Maybe those elders will start lurking here soon!

    Just kidding.

    A change in themes, if true, doesn't seem like much to a thing to be upset about.

  • izobcenec

    well the original theme seem to promise something and
    the replaced theme now seems to be more neutral...the
    original theme, as one elder stated, was a bit premature.
    it is known, that jw's think, the end now is really close, quite
    few believed, that iraq war would be a start of the final battle
    also depression in spreading among jw's like sars, some
    are even thinking of least in our country with
    2000 jw's...and this is all confirmed info, not just gossip

  • garybuss

    PROMISED TOO MUCH has been going on a LONG time . . . . .

    To William Miller and his colaborers it was given to preach the warning in America. This country became the center of the great advent movement. It was here that the prophecy of the first angel's message had its most direct fulfillment. The writings of Miller and his associates were carried to distant lands. Wherever missionaries had penetrated in all the world, were sent the glad tidings of Christ's speedy return. Far and wide spread the message of the everlasting gospel: "Fear God, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come."

    The testimony of the prophecies which seemed to point to the coming of Christ in the spring of 1844 took deep hold of the minds of the people. As the message went from state to state, there was everywhere awakened widespread interest. Many were convinced that the arguments from the prophetic periods were correct, and, sacrificing their pride of opinion, they joyfully received the truth. Some ministers laid aside their sectarian views and feelings, left their salaries and their churches, and united in proclaiming the coming of Jesus. There were comparatively few ministers, however, who would accept this message; therefore it was largely committed to humble laymen. Farmers left their fields, mechanics their tools, traders their merchandise, professional men their positions; and yet the number of workers was small in comparison with the work to be accomplished. The condition of an ungodly church and a world lying in wickedness, burdened the souls of the true watchmen, and they willingly endured toil, privation, and suffering, that they might call men to repentance unto salvation. Though opposed by Satan, the work went steadily forward, and the advent truth was accepted by many thousands.

    P.369 The Great Controversy - by, Ellen G White

  • Blueblades

    They always had promises,however,they were "PROMISES WITH A CATCH".They finally ran out of promises with a catch.

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