Should Jehovahs Witnesses be banned by our Governments?

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  • Brummie

    It worries me when I hear of Governments discussing JWs in their countries with the thoughts of banning them! I disagree with banning them. They are a determined people who will suffer greatly for their fanaticism, I think they should be closely monitored but not banned. Imagine the suffering theu will encounter if they are banned...ugh.

    I think the Government should be informed of Child abuse issues etc but all these people writing to the government to get JWs in trouble could be unleashing the misery of millions.

    Education will save the public from joining JWs not banning them, so I guess the alternative to banning them would be for the Government to spend money educating the public.

    Would you vote for banning them or not?

  • WildHorses

    Hello again Brummie

    I wouldn't ban them because it would only make them feel more assured that they are "the truth".

  • JH

    They should not be banned, but the door to door should be controlled more, because this irritates people.

    They should pay taxes and have no special privileges.

    The JW want to be pittied, so they would welcome some sort of persecution, like being banned.

  • Brummie

    Hello again WH

    I agree, plus under ban cults seem to be at the strongest and grow


    edited to say JH I agree, but the overall reason for me would be the suffering they would undergo, take Malawi for instance

  • Soledad

    Im very sure that nothing would make them happier than to be "persecuted." It would be the absolute culmination of their prophesies and an affirmation of their status as god's chosen.

    I say don't ban, but they should be closely closely scrutinized by local officials as far as the pedophilia and tax evasion.

  • freedom96

    The WTS certainly should not be banned, for that will take away rights that we have being US citizens. However, they should be carefully monitored by the government if they are trying to evade taxes, for example. Or possible labor law violations at bethel.

    Most importantly, I would love to see the media identify and list the WTS as one of the biggest cults around. Organizations hate bad publicity. Lets give it to them. Oh, sure, some will claim that is the persecution that they have been waiting for, but others just might listen. Maybe some will tune into the internet, and see what is really going on. But, if the publicity would make the average person on the street realize what a sham it all really is, then that will be victory.

  • SYN

    They'll just say it's persecution and fulfillment of what Jaracz' "Boys" have been telling them for DECADES now. So, a bad move, everything considered.

  • Kenneson

    No, it will give them a martyr complex. Besides, if JWs can be banned, who is to say that others will not be banned? Taking away their freedom of religion could mean taking away my freedom or anyone else's freedom.

  • InquiryMan

    Please keep in mind that whereas the JW are often branded a "church" in the US media, it is mostly referred to as a sect, cult or even "dangerous" cult in most European countries. It is mostly lumped to gether with the Scientology Church, the Moonies etc. (accidentally the same groups that covered by the CESNUR site).

  • freeman

    No we should not ban them but we should do s omething to make sure innocent people are not hurt.

    Here is my solution:

    Like smoking, I perceive Jehovah’s Witnesses and the agenda they promote are in fact a very serious public health risk, both physical and mental.

    Just as with smoking, I believe the dispensing of their propaganda should be heavily taxed and restricted to persons 18 years of age or older. Further, all of their printed material should be made to incorporate a clearly worded warning from the Surgeon General just as cigarettes must have.

    I believe both public and private monies including taxes placed upon their dangerous propaganda material should be used to educate the public about the dangers associated with the inhalation of their bullshit as well as the dangers of secondhand bullshit to both family members and friends. Please write your congressmen, and state senators, this is a serious public heath issue.


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