Abuse by JW in the Netherlands: 276 victems registred in Q1, 2018

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  • George One Time
    George One Time

    The publicity works: An interested woman in the Netherlands with her husband and kids came two times to the Kingdom Hall. Then came the news, and because of it they stopped going.

  • AndersonsInfo
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    According to the newspaper, the victims of sexual abuse asked the Jehovah's Witnesses elders for a meeting to discuss this abuse six months ago, but still haven't heard anything.

    What the hell...6 months...why is Holy Spirit taking so damn long in directing the GB to respond?

  • Vidiot
    JW GoneBad - "...why is Holy Spirit taking so damn long in directing the GB to respond?"

    'Cause listening to the "Holy Spirit" (otherwise known as the human conscience) could place the Org's survival at risk.

  • Hoffnung

    It was also an item on the German national television news at 8 o'clock yesterday evening (Das Erste - heute Journal)

  • Gorbatchov

    The problem must be everywere. People of Holland are transparant and open, maybe thats why the many reports came so quickly.


  • smiddy3

    I think it would be interesting if we could have a list of all the Countries where current sexual abuse within the Jehovah`s Witness organization is under investigation .

    Their seems to be a lot that I am aware of ,such as :

    Spain , The U.K. ,Netherlands , Australia , The U.S.A. that come to mind in the last few months .

    How many others are their ?

    Tis a pity they can`t all share the information they have .

  • Vidiot

    And don't forget, folks...

    ...if the Org thought they could successfully spin this as "persecution", trust me, they'd have done it by now.

  • carla

    Vidiot, don't r & f use the persecution card when you bring up sexual abuse/hiding pedophiles, etc..? A number of years back I brought it up to my jw and he used the persecution card with me. I then asked if the Catholics were being persecuted when all the priest abuse cases were going on all over the place (which jw's took much pleasure in reading about and saying how bad the Catholics are). My jw's response? crickets, change the subject, same old...

  • Vidiot


    Individual JWs might try it, but I was talking about the Org's leadership.

    If they really believed it would fly, I think they'd have already tried to play that card.

    They may yet if things get worse, I suppose.

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