Brother & Sister Makememad

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  • Nosferatu

    Anyone ever have one of those Brothers or Sisters in the congregation that would whine and cry that there isn't any work, they need this and that fixed, they have no food, clothes, etc etc? Then the others in the congregation would come to help out, either financially or with physical labour. Then 2 months later, the "unfortunate one" would go on a vacation to Europe.

    I knew a family like this, and their kids were no better. One kid was bugging everyone in the bookstudy if they would save him stamps, since he was starting a stamp collection. Since I had a brief hobby of stamps at one time, I gave my collection to him figuring he was genuinely interested. Then the little bastard sold them all at the family garage sale that summer!

    Share your stories people.

  • Nikita

    One summer, I was about 16, I practically lived with a family to help a "sister" out with 2 small children and a husband that was away a lot. (And she was a stay-at-home mom.) I was thinking I would get paid something, didn't expect much, but at least-SOMETHING! HAHA, nope, the only thing I got was a free meal every now and then!


  • SpunkyChick

    There was brother Ron Cardini in the Ft. Myers Florida Congregation who faked a back disability. There were many lazy people who used the Witnesses to mooch. F*ckers.

  • Beans

    We had Brother and Sister Stinkeye, they were much more fun to make FUN OF!


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