Convention Releases 2003

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  • GermanXJW

    Does anybody already know what the releases at this years DC are?

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    1 ) My Book Of U.N. Stories

    2) 1914, The Watchtower never mentioned this year, only religions of the world did.

    3) Blood, how to cut it up into 64 parts

    4) Door to Door No more

    5) Cleaning the Kingdom Hall, Your Christian responsibility

    6) The Return of the Smurfs (those demons are back with Satan)

    7) 2004, Why women still have no say in the Watchtower. (updated)

    8) Best of Kingdom Songs, (455 cd set for only $9,999.99)

    9) Oral Sex, is it for you ???

    10) Your Youth, Shoot yourself know or suffer as a JW ???

    11) How to Fleece old people out of money (for elders only)

    12) Income Tax, pay the Government or the Watchtower.

    13) Are you a Pedophile, please don't tell us

    I will have book reviews on each was I have them in my possession

  • blondie

    Very creative.

    GermanJW, this is the serious response (really, it is)

    On Friday:

    "See The Good Land"

    An atlas of Bible maps containing journeys of Bible characters.

    It is brochure of 36 pages made with thick stock, high gloss paper.

    On Saturday:

    "Learn From The Great Teacher"

    As some here anticipated, this is a replacement to the pink "Listening to the Great Teacher" book. Supposedly, the level of the material is somewhere between the Bible story book and the Young People Ask book.

    256 pages, paperback, the size of the Bible story book

    On Sunday:

    A revision of the Pioneer School book in 2004.


  • kelpie

    LOL.. that was extremely funny walk dont walk..

  • GermanXJW

    Thanks for your reply, Blondie.

    So they are now releasing a map. Not that bad. Unfortunately they still focus on their special tenets like 1914, annointed, control and these cult characteristics. If they had continue to focus on serious stuff like maps, dictionaries etc. I maybe would not have left. Unfortunately, even if they change now (which I do not really believe) I do not care anymore.

  • SYN

    Could anyone here organize a map of Bethel or Patterson? For Photoshop purposes of course!

  • blondie

    Check this site out.


  • Stephanus

    Here's a map of the world, according to Bethel, Syn:


  • NeonMadman
    Here's a map of the world, according to Bethel

    Shouldn't that map read, "Hic Sunt Apostatis"?

  • NeonMadman
    Could anyone here organize a map of Bethel or Patterson?

    SYN, I tried to PM you, but it isn't me at

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