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  • pepperheart

    the watchtower in the uk are expecting volunters in the uk to travel many 100s of miles for a days work either skilled or unskilled in the new bethel at chelmsford;From edinborough in scotland its almost a 800 mile roundtrip

  • punkofnice

    I am not sure what they're supposed to be using Chelmsford for now.

    I imagine they'll get it finished without the WBT$ paying a single penny and then sell it.

    Here's one I made many years ago...............................

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  • freddo

    Not just UK. Also Ireland. They expect a group from Dublin to go together.

    Edited to add:

    Just saw your leaflet Punky.

    It needs a new line or two adding ...

    The Borganisation also "suggests" you pay them a monthly donation to stay there and can also sell it from under you whenever it likes.

  • punkofnice

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    Yes. The WBT$ are really grabbing the dosh now, by hook or....well...they ARE crooks!

  • pepperheart

    They kick 100s of people out from bethel in london and then they want people from all over the uk and dublin to come and do the work that they could have done.Some of it is unskilled work

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    This is not just an invitation. There is a specific date set when each cong is expected to send a squad. No accommodation is offered, the victims are expected to turn up after several hour's traveling, do a day's unspecified work and then clear off.

    Will there be food? Don't know but don't hold your breath. What a privilege?

    Or as some may say, what a load of bollocks!

  • pepperheart

    They do provide lunch but they do ask people to even bring flasks of drinks etc.

    slidin fast they have tried with just a general invite and that cant have worked so now they are trying to put some pressure on people

  • darkspilver

    pepperheart: slidin fast they have tried with just a general invite and that cant have worked so now they are trying to put some pressure on people

    It's not to do with the 'work' - having different people coming in each day for just one day, will mean that the actual useful work that these ones will be able to do will be effectively very limited - and actually they'll possibly be a hinderance as they'll need people to organise them, tell what to do etc etc

    No, the real reason is that WT simply want to get as many people as possible, from all over the country, on to the site for a limited time (so they don't get in the way!) - this way those people will feel like they've had a hand in the construction - and importantly it is hoped to build enthusiasm for the new Britain Bethel.

    The local Jdubs in Britain now know that the Britain Bethel will not be printing - so people are asking questions... if they're not printing, what are they actually gonna do at this big new development??... why didn't WT just downsize Britain Bethel, sell the off-site properties, and just use the main original Mill Hill property..

  • slimboyfat

    Not only that, but if you submit an application you need to be vetted to see if you're suitable, is that right?

    Has anyone simply asked them what the headquarters will be used for?

    As for building in order to make money: I don't think the building adds value. It's the land that's worth money,

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    it does beg the question--"has anyone thought this all through " ? who really is directing this project ?--apart from jehovah i mean.

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