WT to start selling Brooklyn assets

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  • Dogpatch

    Looks like in conjunction with my post yesterday about the Farm putting up some new printing presses, the Brooklyn Branch is starting to sell off some of its property! A mass exodus may have begun upstate. The WT media says this:

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., a legal entity
    of Jehovah's Witnesses in the United States, has announced the
    possibility of selling its nearly one-million-square-foot building on
    the Brooklyn waterfront at 360 Furman Street. This information comes
    eight months after announcing its plan to redistribute a substantial
    portion of the Brooklyn printing operation to various international
    locations and to its Wallkill, N.Y., printery.



    Net Soup!


  • blondie

    Man, that URL doesn't seem to work. I just go up to "Current News" and then to 5-29-03.

  • amac

    I don't know if it means an exodus so much as a practical move concerning the fact that they are moving printing to the Farm. No need for the massive shipping department at Fuhrman if they are doing all the printing upstate.

  • Buster

    The thing that sticks with me is the amount of foresight and planning necessary for such a move.

    It takes years and tons of money to relocate a printing service from a million-sq-ft building. Don't they know that Armageddon is just around the corner? Didn't they know the end was near when they started the plans? I'm sure Jehovah told them during some seance or something during a GB meeting - you know, those meetings where they always get a unanimous vote.

  • sf

    Current News Releases

    Date Headline
    05.29.03 Watchtower opens way for Furman Street property development
    05.28.03 Romania reaffirms freedom for a religious minority
    05.23.03 Moscow Court orders fourth "expert study"
    05.14.03 Moscow court refuses Council of Europe's criticism of trial
    05.14.03 "Protect Your Children" gets international recognition
    05.12.03 Trial to ban Jehovah's Witnesses in Moscow resumes—no end in sight
    05.09.03 Police beat mother of four in Uzbekistan
    04.30.03 Court prohibits Jehovah's Witnesses to meet in Tajikistan
    04.29.03 Extremists attack victims and attorneys in Georgia court
    04.24.03 Lawsuit filed against Georgian officials because religious literature is detained
    04.04.03 Mkalavishvili prosecution stalls again
  • Gerard

    The reason for their sale might be the discovery of asbestos in their structures:

    As you scroll:

    US Post office, 53rd St & 3rd Ave
    US Post Office, 909 3rd Ave.
    US Post Office, 1633 Broadway
    U.S. Steel Building, Broadway &
    Liberty St.
    VA Hospital, 24th St.
    Van Etten
    Waldorf Astoria
    Wards Island
    Warner Communications Building
    Washington Plaza Apt
    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society
    Waterside Apartments
    Waterside Plant Unit 13
    Waterside Powerhouse


    I expect that they are doing as best os they can.


    Those are very old buildings.I`ve rarely seen old buildings not use asbestos.Now that WBTS is aware of it,it is their responsibility to have it safely removed by experts..Wait,that will cost money and they can always get new dubs...OUTLAW

    It looks like the WT is not placing their trust in Jehovah, but in the "worldly" legal system:


  • DIM

    hmmm..shouldn't they give any profit back to the people who contribute? otherwise, they sure are gonna make JESUS mad if you believe that sort of thing.

  • Francois

    Anybody got any idea how much a million square feet on the waterfront in New York would be worth? Scrillions upon scrillions of buckaroonies, that's what.

    Greedy, money grubbers.


  • Reborn2002
    Anybody got any idea how much a million square feet on the waterfront in New York would be worth? Scrillions upon scrillions of buckaroonies, that's what.

    Greedy, money grubbers.

    Your absolutely right Francois.

    You want to know how much the property is worth?

    In conjunction with Dogpatch's post yesterday, found here:


    According to the New York State Real Estate Database, the property at 360 Furman Street which the Watchtower Society is contemplating selling is:


    Total Assessment Data? Value placed at $13,752,000.00

  • worldlygirl

    I hope that amount is not even enough to settle one lawsuit.

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