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  • LyinEyes

    Nina, I have been sitting here trying to catch up on the posts for the day,and have noticed so many wonderful things you have said...........I just wanted to let you know girl,,,,,,your light is shinning again........ I mean the words of wisdom, understanding and love is shinning thru just like the days before you lost your dad. I know it has been still a short time, but you are so admired by many for being so brave thru it all. You are helping so many of us with the things you are learning at the therapy and counseling sessions that you and the kids go to over grief.

    Even your avatar is shinning , what a beautiful person you are inside and out and I hope your days are always filled with smiles like that one. I know that is one of Big Tex's favorite ones, you know the man just adores you right?

    I can say, that the death of a parent by suicide is something we never get over,... we just get thru it, we keep the memory of them alive by telling their stories to anyone with a listening ear. I have always appreciated everything you have said to me when I have spoken of my mom and you always say the right things. I see you now reaching out to new ones on the board and even thou you are still so fresh from your own grief , you are trying to comfort others. In your post today about Matt. 24, you talked about love,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you are a great example of TRUE christian love, you dont just say the words, you mean them.

    Anyway, I just know so many here love you and I thought I would write this publicly instead of in an email so we all can tell you how great you are and that we think of you often wishing you more and more peace and understanding thru your grief process. I know the days can seem brighter and then out of the blue the saddness can come back. So , I just wanted to let you know when you have those days, remember we all love you very much here, and you are a great friend.

    I will be getting with you to meet in Dallas soon, when I know more details.....oh and you made a post about a dream,,,,,, your therapist said that you were trying to help YOU get out of a situation and that the person you thought was someone eles was really your own self................ so interesting, I have heard this before from somewhere, and have forgotten about it. I am going to keep this in mind next time I have dreams that I don't understand. I think we learn alot about ourselves from our dreams.....thanks.

    Much love and hugs, Dede

  • cruzanheart

    Thank you, Dede!!!! I am really touched about how you feel about me, and I feel the same about you. You have so much empathy for people who are hurting, and you are a very dear friend, even though we've only seen each other face to face once. I am starting to feel better and, more interestingly, FREE. I think I'm recovering from Dad's death and the Witnesses at the same time. It's a great feeling. I know I will still have ups and downs, but for right now I'm really enjoying how I feel.

    Love you!


  • bikerchic


    That was so warm and touching Dede. I hope to some day meet you both.

    Pass the tissue I feel a flood coming on.........


  • Mecurious?

    I still would like to see you and chris again. (Tho you probably won't remember me. I still think it's worth a try.) Whenever I call the phone is busy. I'm so glad to hear that your doing well, I think of you guys quite often.



  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Howdy B. Sorry for the busy phone. Our 9 year old daughter has discovered the joys of calling her school friends. So begins the eventual domination of the telephone by teenage girls. Keep trying and we will absolutely get together.

    Dede, thank you for being who you are. You are big hearted, kind and loving. I am very happy to know you are a friend.

  • manon

    Dreams: illusions, mystical experiences, positive visualization or perhaps the realization of the impact of thoughts creating our daily reality...................LE your expression/sentimentality reads lovingly towards your friendship with one another. Thanks for sharing.

  • onacruse

    Chris and Nina, you've been through hell and back this last few weeks (and then some, to be sure). I respect you both, from the bottom of my heart.

    Dede, you are just a peach of a gal.


  • Jesika

    ((((((((((((((Nina, Chris, and Dede)))))))))))))))))))

    I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Hey Jes, where you been? I've been meaning to call you. Are you okay?

  • LyinEyes

    Craig you are a sweetie, I read what you wrote in Kelpies thread , about how you and Katie feel so much for her,,,,,,,,,yall are so sweet and I hope to meet you both face to face soon.

    Katie, I think you and I should go watch a good chick flick and get all these tears out once and for all and have a good laugh at the same time.........I have a few in mind, but the fella's will just laugh....lol.

    We are gonna get a bunch of the Dallas group together and go to Six Flags ,,,,,, ride all the scarey rides, eat till we get sick, and laugh and make speciticles of ourselves,,,,,,,,,maybe we shoud all get matching Apostate shirts to wear?? But we are gonna make sure Nina and Chris have a good time, they sure deserve a fun time, not sure they deserve the likes of a bunch of wa ward apostates, but hey,,,,,share the love right????????

    Jes, I sent you a PM, hope to see you real, real soon. I was wondering where the heck you have been.

    Manon I loved your description of dreams, I put alot of stock in mine, when things are going pretty smooth my dreams are quiet and not to eventful. But in times of stress, they have alot to say. I think it is interesting what Nina said, about who we think we are dreaming about could be ourselves, seeing ourselves as someone eles maybe, but really it is us personally that we see and want to help . Maybe seeing the very vulnerable part of ourselves , who deep down is still trying to find their way thru all of this . I dunno,,,,,,, could be, makes alot of sense when I go back to dreams I had in the past.

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