What physical activites do you practice?

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  • JH

    Do you try to stay in good shape? To be healthy and stay healthy one must do a minimum of physical activites, even if it's only a small walk once in a while. No matter who you are, you must do a minimum of physical activities to stay healthy.

    I walk alot, and go on bike once in a while. Alot of work around the house also keeps me busy.

    What exercise do you do to stay in good physical shape?

  • TruckerGB

    Sailing and horizontal jogging when Im allowed .

  • Bendrr

    I get plenty of walking at work. All my physical activity is at work. Walking, sometimes running when busy, up and down stairs to get parts from stock, lifting, etc.

    But diet is important too. Recently I quit going out for lunch every day. Now I keep lunch meat, bread, and cheese in the fridge at work and I just make sandwiches for lunch. I've never been a big consumer of Coke, etc, I've always preferred sweet tea, but now I drink a lot of those Gatorade Propel drinks. They taste good too. And I keep peanut butter and jelly in the break room too and when I get hungry for a snack I make a p b & j instead of junk food.


  • shera

    I go out for rides on my bike just about everynite,or I go to the gym and run on the tread mill for 20 mins.I also enjoys weights and I do lots of stomache crunches.

  • Introspection

    I stretch. This may not seem like a big deal, but aside from the fact that I have to due to a structural imbalance, I will also never have chronic back pain from sitting in front of the computer too much or something like that, (some kind of injury is another story) simply because I know how to take care of it if I get too stiff. You don't even have to do this all the time, I get lazy sometimes but since I have a feel for it I can relieve the tension whenever I decide to take the time to stretch out. The trick is you have to open up those joints in the first place, it takes a bit of conditioning. You won't get the flexibility the first time you stretch, but it's a matter of degree, too.

  • liquidsky

    walking , hiking, dancing, yoga & pilates

  • nowisee

    i walk every day (except pouring rain).

    in one of my jobs i do a lot of lifting, the other of my jobs is quite physically demanding.

  • shamus

    I climb, mountain bike, back-country telemark ski, hike, yada yada yada. I try to keep in as good a shape as I can.

  • Reborn2002

    • Cardiovascular exercise (including jogging, biking, stairmaster, calisthenics)
    • Weight-lifting
    • Taekwando
    • Kickboxing
    • Football
    • Basketball
  • manon

    yoga, pilates, ride bike, rollerblade, swim, ice skate, walk, dance, lift weights, type, type, type, type.

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