Witness Numbers Going Down???

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  • shamus

    Are the Witness numbers going down? Or, are they still increasing? Does anyone have any good data on this?

    Thanks for any replies....

  • ScoobySnax

    Shamus..... JW numbers are still increasing worldwide, and despite what you will read here on the occasional post that a congregation may have been "disbanded" the numbers are still increasing, on the whole worldwide. This includes taking into account those who "fallen away" become inactive or outright left. Many here are naturally sceptical of JW data posted in the yearbooks, but a good point of reference is the website www.adherents.com which is independant. I do think a "bubble mentality" exists here sometimes, after all the very next poster seems to be x-jw as well! (and of course they are) We are so many etc etc similar to JWs at a convention, guess its security in observed numbers.

  • JH

    Statistics can be deceiving, especially with the new 15 minute field service report.

    I can only tell you what I see with my eyes in my town of 125,000 people.

    I see way fewer witnesses going door to door than when I was active in the late 80's early 90's. Less people are active, and less go to the meetings on a regular basis. This religion is more diluted than it was years ago. So maybe the numbers didn't go down but the quality went down.

  • ScoobySnax

    J.H ......... Thats a very subjective view again..... you see with your own eyes "out of 125,000 in your town" way fewer witnesses going door to door/being active/going to meetings etc <<<< but then you say "maybe the numbers didn't go down, but the quality did" ...... so what is it? The numbers did or they didn't? and how do you explain "Quality" from your point of view.......

  • teenyuck

    AXEL, our new friend, believes that the projected numbers will be 12 million within the next three years!! I am sure he is not wrong!


  • JH

    Very easy to understand. the number in the Watchtower statistics didn't go down, as you can see on official statistics.

    But the truth is that they are less visible. I pass every day in front of the field service place, where they gather. I only see 3 or 4 cars, compared to years ago there were 15 cars every day.

    I pass infront of the KH regularly. Less cars than years ago.

    We had 6 congregations in my town, now it's down to 4.

  • teenyuck


    As people educate themself about any given religion (ie: the internet) they will be less inclined to join a group of nuts like the dubs. (not that all religion is not a snare and a racket-)

    As the years go by and people see the real *truth* in the media, they will start telling the dubs to go F-off when they come to the door with a Watchtower in hand.

    Remember, that nice old man could be a molestor....

  • jgnat

    Numbers were up last year. Some of our JWD friends who are in to actuarial tables and number crunching, suggest we should take the long view.


  • ScoobySnax

    Tennyuck....... Look I'm not trying to argue with you, but all you type is speculation on points you state. Re-read the original question of the post, my reply, and your answer. And yes that "nice old man" sadly could be a molester wherever you might look in this sometimes sick world.

  • seedy3


    I read the stats on the webpage you posted, it really appears to m e that the JW's had an increase in meeting attendence and such due to the 9-11 attack. The number of babtisems is still declining or very slightly going up as in compairing 2001 and 2002 there was a slight increase, yet the number of publsihers went up by 2.1%. I think it was all the fence sitters thinking the Great Day was about to arrive, it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years. But then again with the war on terror it may still climb and the J-Dubs I am sure will use that to their advantage, just as all the other christian churches will. It seems that the largest increase of industrial nations, was in the USA where the actual 9-11 attack too place.


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