One year ago this week I left the JWs...

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  • logansrun

    Thanks everyone for the response. nowisee...I don't really consider any of the things I mentioned as being "destructive." That is, as long as things are under control, why not enjoy the finer things in life. Sex can be a great thing if you have brains to go with your balls. Pot? I wouldn't do it daily, but studies show it's not NEARLY as dangerous as some would like to make it out to be. It's not as addictive as tobacco or alcohol, the former of which I have no desire to try again. Except I do want to smoke a pipe when I become an old man. There's just something about old men smoking pipes that is cooler than a cucumber. Bradley

  • drwtsn32


    Your story sounds strikingly similar to my own. I quit the JW's in September 2002. I had been raised in "the truth" and had been baptized for 13 years. I served as an MS for a couple years, as well.

    I started having doubts that the organization was 100% right a couple years back, but it finally climaxed with my wife and me leaving last September. Soon after leaving, emotional "whiplash" occurs and we start feeling really guilty. It flared up even more when we'd read articles from the Society's CD-ROM regarding apostasy. I just kept remembering that it's all part of the brain washing/mental conditioning. So we had to frequently refresh our minds with why we decided to leave. Thinking about the whole thing consumed me... I thought about it way too much. Nowadays I don't usually give it much thought.

    Like you, my wife and I slipped away without getting DF'd and without DA'ing ourselves. I see no reason to play by their rules and DA myself. It will only cause more trouble between me and my JW family.

    (By the way, I just saw the movie "Logan's Run" for the first time a couple weeks ago. Bought the DVD from Wal-Mart for like $6...)

  • Aztec

    Hey you! Bradley, you've weathered the storms of both the witnesses and certain ex-witnesses and come out stronger for having done so. I'm so proud of you!


  • Beans

    Happy Birthday!

  • nowisee

    dear logansrun,

    when i was 26 i also thought that what i was doing was not destructive. age and experience has changed my perspective somewhat.

    forgive me, it is hard for me not to have a knee-jerk reaction to pot (i did try it many times and decided it definitely wasn't for me after one very scary personal experience) - as my sibling, who was the one who preached pot to me and was the one who initially convinced me to try it - died of a drug overdose. suicide. the use of pot escalated over the years to other things until finally it was out of control.

  • shamus

    Happy Anniversary! Good for you for having the courage!

  • logansrun


    I found your post to be rather condescending, if I may be blunt. Although I greatly sympathize with whatever bad experiences you have had, especially the loss of your brother, it would also be inaccurate to oversimplify the matter. I recently wrote a term paper on the use of marijuana and it is quite questionable whether cannabis use leads to dependence or not. The exact same argument could be made for alcohol use, yet alcoholic beverages are advertised on TV! Many people are able to control their use of marijuana and many are not, just like alcohol. Again, this is coming from a man who has tried cannabis only once. But, I go by what scientists, not politicians or Bible-thumpers say.

    On seeing your posting history I notice you profess to be a "born-again" Christian. Doubtless, this adds to your feelings of superiority and condemnation upon anything that is opposed to your worldview. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Too bad.


  • nowisee

    dear bradley,

    1) im sorry if what i said sounded condescending -- i didn't mean it to be. i was only telling my personal and strictly anecdotal (not scientific) experience.

    2) i didn't say i had lost a brother.

    3) i have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, but i certainly don't think that makes me superior to anyone or in any position to condemn anyone for anything. if anything, it is just the opposite. how could i remove the splinter from my brother's eye when i have a rafter in my own?

    when i think back to my own departure from the wts i know that at that time i had to experience things for myself and come to my own conclusions.

    Bradley, i SINCERELY wish you well. i truly hope you find happiness and joy in your new life of freedom.

    my best wishes to you again, -- sincerely -- nowisee

  • Aztec

    Nowisee, thank you for being so nonjudmental. Brad is a great guy! I know him pretty well and he sometimes rubs people the wrong way but he is a really wonderful person. He can come off a bit caustic at times. I've warned him about it...LOL! He's really such a sweet person I Brad, get that stick outta your bum..Heehee!

    My opinion is that everyone is free to believe whatever they want as long as it does not impinge on others freedom to do so as well.


  • nowisee

    thank you, aztec. i think it is truly amazing how in so many tiny ways we find ways to validate each other on this board.

    best wishes, nowisee

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