Silentlambs and Memorial Day

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  • pr_capone


    Kansas District Overbeer

  • sf

    Yea, yea, that's what I 'm talkin' 'bout when I speak of Action! in the communities where we all live.

    Imagine 'if' one person in each town made it their 'job', their 'mission' to do this, as has, and much more to Alert! (Awake!) their own town and/ or county of what really does go on inside the churches of this religion; a religion that has possible predators/ perps at your door.

    Good 'job'!

    Say, what about sharing those pictures by printing them out and displaying them and also handing them out with flyers attached? Just another idea.


  • sf

    {{{{{{ Bravo UR!!!! }}}}}}


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I delivered about 20 fliers to one hall here in Winnipeg. There might be an alleged pedophile in that hall (with 2 cong). The flyers were put in or on people's cars, especially if children got out of the car.

    I have about 30 more to do

  • Yizuman

    w00t! Hot dang! Great job!


  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Sorry it took so long to reply to everyone…we have been packing to move as well as the business of living.

    Here is a picture of what some of the lambs we’re putting in front of KH’s Look like with the flier attached. (We have the flier in a plastic sheath)

    Not all the lambs we’re placing are the praying ones….the store only had so many but, I plan to do this on and off all year so maybe I will find more.

    My daughter Cassandra Cain posted this with a small explanation at an art site. Maybe others on line will see it there……who knows.

    WOW Lady Lee!! I never thought of fliers on every car in the parking lot!! Good Job Gurl!! After our moving is done maybe that will be our next project!!

    Thankz so much everyone for responding and no matter what country your in go for it and leave a lamb in front of your local KH! Let the WT know they can’t get away with supporting abuse for children any more!!

    {{{{{{Hugz}}}}}} too SKALLY, Prisca The Beautiful, Lady Lee, PR, dedalus and all the lurkers who feel as we do!!

    Gotta Luvz You Guyz!!


    P.S. Bill will have pics off all the KH’s with Lambs in front of them at his site.

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