Fluff? What would be your ideal vacation?

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  • azaria

    I haven’t had a vacation in almost 3 years. Because of work I don’t have the time and I certainly don’t have the money. Imagination is the only thing I have. If Oprah could just allow me to stay somewhere at a summer home along the ocean somewhere, maybe California, South Carolina? Better yet somewhere along the Adriatic Sea. Go sailing, eat at small cafes in the little villages along the seaside, lie in the sun, read, go for walks, just relax. My kids could fly in once in a while to spend a day with me. Everything is supplied; food, drinks, transportation, clothes, car rental, everything. (I don’t have to pay for anything-all I have to do is show up) Fly to Milan to catch an opera, Rome to visit the Vatican, heck I’ll throw in Paris for a night, but mostly just to relax. Does it sound like I need a vacation really bad?

  • TresHappy

    Definitely visiting Australia. Always wanted to go there, if it weren't so darn away...

  • freedom96

    I would love to go on a 3 week cruise. Just get away from it all for awhile.

  • Reborn2002

    If the political climate were different than it is currently, I would love to visit the Middle East.

    Alleged Biblical sites aside (the obvious like Jerusalem, Jericho, etc.), it would be a wonderful location to tour just to have the opportunity to see some of the monuments which still stand from civilizations that existed several millenia in the past.

    The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt immediately come to mind.

    (sigh) Perhaps in my lifetime it will be realistically possible for an American citizen to safely visit there.

  • shera

    I would like to go to Eygpt and see the pyramaids myself.

    Another vacation would be someplace quite around nature,not many people at all.I would love to be able to sit down outside in warmth and just listen to nature.ssssiiiighhh.

  • Litebriterstill

    South Sea Island for a month with someone special. OR Motorhome the USA from the Niagra Falls through the caves in the Dacota's. Through some of the old western towns in Colorado and on to Las Vegas for fun, food and some good shows. California is badly damaged so I stop there.

  • ThiChi



  • Aztec

    I would like to go to England and rub PD's head, meet up with Simon and Angharad and rub Brummie behind the ears. (Good kittie that he is)

    I would love to go to Australia and give Prisca and Refiner's Fire a hug, smack Hippikon on the bum and start a search party for Gizmo! I'd love to give Kelpie a big hug and tell her it'll all work out! I'd start up a search in South Africa for Syn just cause his avatars are so obnoxious, and disturbing!

    I'd go to the Netherlands and show Viv and Greven what a REAL party is...LOL! They probably know better than I but I have American bravado to back me up!

    And lastly down to Texas to hug my buds Sixy and Jesika! They mean the world to me whether they know it or not!

    Can't forget my midwestern friends but I've already met most of em...

    Love y'all lots!


  • Aztec

    Oh and PS I need to get to Toronto to hug Rayzor and show Beans what real hockey is! Course I'd have to bring the Wings with me for that...LOL! Actually I'd love to give all the Canadian apostates hugs for being cool Canucks! Gosh I just would love to give everyone on this board a big hug! Even expatbrit, the curmudgeon he is! Hugz!


  • iiz2cool

    I'd like to take a cruise along the coast of BC up to Alaska.


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