Broke, Dumb & Stupid....GB wants only these people.

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  • krismalone

    Maybe this will become a new catch phrase describing the type of people that the governing body loves to have in their organization and that they create if they're born ins.

    BROKE......DUMB......& STUPID

    Let me explain:

    BROKE: The GB keeps their members in poverty by condemning higher education and demanding that ALL their time should be spent peddling the WT propaganda and going to all the meetings. Anyone that seems to be working to grow or improve their financial situation is seen as materialistic and selfish. You will be made to feel guilty for saving up money or planning for the future or GOD FORBID have a college fund for your children. This has created a culture of poverty, free loading from the government and living paycheck to paycheck. Those that weren't born in but joined the cult as adults have the advantage of very likely having gone to College and exercising a skilled trade and enjoying a pension and retirement. Those are the ones that generally speaking, are doing good financially in the cult. To these ones the Governing Body did not have the opportunity to curse them to a lifetime of poverty and want.

    DUMB: By the word dumb here, I refer to being mute. In other words the Governing Body wants people in their cult to just SHUT THEIR MOUTHS UP regarding the child molestations, false prophecies, 607 date, destroying family unity through shunning, the overlapping generations, Beth Sarim, and many other irrational inconsistencies too many to number here.

    STUPID: Yes the Governing Body wants it's members to be stupid or ignorant about their policies and history. For example the Australian Royal Commission, not one word has yet to be said by the GB to the members about this situation. The donation arrangement in 1989 where the real reason was to avoid paying taxes and not what they told the Congregations, the Mexico/Malawi double standards, the reason for building the mansion in San Diego Beth Sarim and the property being deeded to the prophets (you can't make that up), the child abuse lawsuits and settlements, the Warwick contamination site, the hidden barrels of toxic waste buried in Walkill by Watchtower etc etc etc. NONE of these issues are known by the regular rank and file!! The governing body wants their members to be ignorant about these and many many more issues.

    So there we have it....The Governing Body only wants people in their cult that are:

    BROKE.........DUMB........ & ........STUPID


  • LongHairGal


    Yes, you're right on all three observations! And, sadly, it's the born-ins who mostly tend to fall into these three categories.

    For those NOT born-in as JWs, the hateful religion will try to compel them to conform to these categories.

    Thank God, I resisted their B.S. and eventually left.

  • schnell

    I do wonder if they'd be in the business at present of selling so many properties today if they had simply told their followers to go get degrees and good jobs, get married, and raise big families who would then go on to get degrees and good jobs.

    For all the criticism that JWs have for Catholics and Mormons, they figured that out ages ago.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Broke, Dumb & Stupid....GB wants only these people

    Dumb - yes, absolutely.

    Stupid - ditto.

    Broke - hmmm, not sure. The GB wants them to be rich enough to donate money to the World Wide Preaching Work Paedophile Defence Fund.

  • WingCommander

    This title describes 100% of the kids I grew up with, who didn't leave the cult. Anyone with a lick of sense either

    a.) didn't get baptized (that's me!)

    b.) Got themselves DF'd and never wanted to grovel to come back

    c.) Faded and never came back, no matter how much pressure their "in" parents put on them

    d.) Was smart enough to never buy into it, and therefore got their own scholarships and shipped off to a college/Univ far away, never to be seen again

    e.) Married another fringe JW or most likely a non-JW, and then proceeded to fade, never to be heard from again.

    I'm 37. The 75% leaving holds true in South Central Pennsylvania region. In fact, I'd say it's an even greater ratio, probably 90%. Only man-children of Elduhs remain, and they are so neutered you'd swear they were Eunuchs. And these man-children IF they are lucky enough to snag a female, have one that is a submissive post and lay-about. No brains. No education. Barely any will to live. It's like watching the walking dead, and the Congregations themselves mostly resemble geriatric wards. This cult is in BIG trouble.

  • Vidiot

    Long before I'd even considered fading, I realized that if the Org kept up its anti-education/anti-career/anti-intellectual stance...

    ...they'd end up with a worldwide body of morons.

    It was a very depressing thought.

  • millie210

    They even have a "term" for broke, dumb and stupid...

    they call it "sheeplike".

    Trying to make it sound spiritually desirable.

    The fact that none of the their own Bible "heroes" (Moses ,David, Apostle Paul etc..) were docile or even poor, escapes their notice.

  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Corporation is a culpable crime against humanity for its inherently corrupt fear mongering charlatanism. . It lured people into it through exploitation of fear and ignorance, to cultivate and substantiate power, control and money to a few select men.

    As a result millions of lives were ruined, millions of families were broken apart and thousands lost their lives for medical reasons or even suicide.

  • Vidiot
    millie210 - "They even have a 'term' for broke, dumb, and stupid... they call it 'sheeplike'. Trying to make it sound spiritually desirable."

    Conveniently forgetting to mention that a sheep's ultimate fate is to be sheared, butchered and eaten.

  • WTWizard

    Why? Because people that are broke, dumb, and stupid are easier to set up for enslavement than those who are rich, that speak up, and are smart. They will go along with anything to sustain themselves, so they will take that microchip when the time comes, and be enslaved. Stupid people will take it without understanding what is going on behind it. And, if you are broke, you are easier to indebt than someone that is rich.

    Which makes sense, since joke-hova wants us all enslaved. And this will do a pretty good job at that--imagine not being able to save because you are always in field circus, you have a lousy paying job, and you are supposed to throw away any "surplus" funds into the Worldwide Damnation Fund. You will go into debt to get a computer to access the littera-trash. And, you will definitely go into debt when you try to do their stupid two-week missions in Israel each year. Being rich, you could afford these things without too much difficulty.

    As for me, I would rather put all my Israel mission money into silver. That way, I stand to make a killing when the silver shortage blows up in the banks' faces. And watch those who were stupid enough to go into debt either get stuck in Tel Aviv while I am counting my silver Kookaburras, or find themselves as indentured slaves for the banks they owe money to.

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