Imagine If The Watchtower Apologzed For Their Sins

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  • minimus

    One thing that is commonly brought up is how the Society has made so many mistakes and uttered so many false prophecies. I just wonder what would happen if the Watchtower ever came out and asked forgiveness for their sins and asked to start a clean slate. (You know, like the Pope did a couple of years ago).

  • JH

    The Watchtower will never aplogize for anything. They will say "It's New light" or "Old light". They will never apologize for "Old light".

    For them, apologizing would be a sign of weakness, so they will never do that.

  • Huxley

    To all congregations:

    Sorry for screwing up your lives. You are all free to go.

    Warm Christian greetings



  • blondie

    First, who would apologize? Each individual member of the GB, everyone of the anointed, each one of the non-anointed helpers, each one of the DOs, COs, elders, MS, who supported their decisions and doctrine?

    Second, would they be specific and list each and everyone of the statements they made that were wrong and how they specifically hurt people?

    Third, would the seek out and apologize to each person they hurt?

    Fourth, would they make restitution/amends to each one of these people?

    Never in 1 billion years!


  • IslandWoman
    I just wonder what would happen if the Watchtower ever came out and asked forgiveness for their sins and asked to start a clean slate.

    Some would leave, some would love them even more.

    I know I would have given my heart to men who did such a God loving thing, such a wonderful thing.

    It is the only way back to God for them, a hard pill that cannot be avoided but would result in great things for the Watchtower.

    Of course, they must first ask God for forgiveness.


  • shamus

    I would have a lot more respect for them.... bring it up from -1 to zero.

  • Hamas

    The Worldwide Church of God made a similar statement years ago, apologizing for their errors.

    If the Witnesses ever did that, which I strongly doubt, I can see many dubs jumping up and down and raving about how 'great' the Organization is. I can only hope they never make such a statement, If they do, expect more gullible converts.

  • searchfothetruth

    It would have to be a long apology!

  • minimus

    A blanket apology could be made saying that they were sorry for their misunderstandings of how they viewed things such as certain Bible prophecies. But since Jehovah God was using them and they were simply imperfect servants of Jehovah, they would not want to knowingly spread information that was not "correct words of truth".I think that if the Society worded things carefully, you would hear "how wonderful" they are and "how blessed we are that the "slave" cares about us so much". I could see some desperate measure used, eventually, to regain the lost membership.

  • Its so simple
    Its so simple

    OK here we go, This is how the apology would read. Some have mistakenly concluded that we have said things that are wrong. Down through time there have been many that have been credited with the words and assumptions of others. If a glass of poison was poured out in the woods would you make your child pass through the fire?

    So it is with the greatest humility that only a humble slave could muster that we offer these words. May Jehovah continue to bless his own as we decide what that is for him without any mistakes.

    WTB BS S Extra BS is for ...................... you guessed it............ BIBLE STUDY!

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