Did You Support Children Getting Baptized?

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  • minimus

    After reading Blondie's thread of the baptisms at the District Convention, I couldn't help but identify with the 11 year old that said she was so happy to be baptized and has wanted to be baptized for years now. I was 9 when I got baptized but really wanted to take the plunge at around 7. After my mother talked to the Congregation servant about my desire, he said that she should not hold me back. My daughter was 14 when she got baptized. I obviously was happy to see her make this dedication. Now, of course, I feel differently............ Were you a supporter of those that wanted to get baptized at an early age?

  • shamus


  • Its so simple
    Its so simple

    Jesus left a model for us to follow, he was 30, maybe he was just a slow learner or wanted to sow his wild oats first. I don't think so.

    Could the reason the WTBS advises early baptism is because they KNOW how it locks you in before you fully understand the possible consequences of what you are doing? I certainly think so. WT for this past Sunday talked about youths being industrious in service and eventual baptism. It's no mistake that the kids in the picture are all like 10 - 12 years old.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    NOT AS A JW I WAS baptized as a catholic 41 years ago and no one has bagered me about since . but a jw will try to take you to the cleaners of i ever say i was a baptized jw.... they can drop dead. i was never a jw but will take any elder to the mat and make fools of them if thwey ever get the balls to come to my door... john

  • mustang

    I took the plunge @ 11. Was this well thought out? NO!!!

    And, as I understand it, by today’s’ standards I would be rejected.

    I didn’t tell anybody, I just "came in from the cold" walking around the building in the winter weather. I walked over to the row of "table offices", found the Servant in charge of Baptisms and SIGNED UP. I hadn’t even brought a bathing suit, but they provided one!!!

    I hadn’t even told or asked my parents.

    There was no "20 questions" (200 really) or interrogation by the Elders (no Elders or MS either, in those days). I think this is a better idea, as it slows you down.

    I have argued before in the discussions over the legality of Underage Baptism. The question usually is: is the Baptism valid when the individual has not achieved the legal status of "Age of Majority"? This is prompted as most jurisdictions maintain that a Contract with a "minor" cannot be enforced.

    Legally, this doesn’t matter much, as "Church Law" (yes, Church Law is alive & well; WTS has got the precedents to prove it) kicks in to counter any gains made in this direction, "Ratification" qualifies the Underage Baptism anyway if you keep up "JW’ing" after you achieve "your majority" age and a great number of other matters. Amazing maintains this is not a Contract for instance, and therefore violation of Contract Law doesn’t apply.

    So, legally you don’t have much recourse.

    Mavericks’s Baptism Nukifaction (Nullification) is an interesting approach. But there is something mysterious in there, and it only seems partially effective. Still quite interesting, but it does not appear to be a finished product.

    I have still thought that "Minor Baptism" or "Underage Baptism" is on cut above the "hated by JW’s" Infant Baptism of Catholics or such. It is one of there more weird-ball doctrines and utilizes the same principle as Infant Baptism: sign up the Unwary and Unsuspecting.

    Bottom Line: I did it, without thinking much one way or ‘tother. I now oppose it as an abomination.


  • Huxley

    I thought it was pretty crazy even though I was raised in the org.

    I got a lot of crap for waiting until I was 17! I remember my Dad saying "You need to take a stand now! You are almost old enough to be drafted!"

    I finally went for it. Answered the questions, said "YES!" in a loud voice, and hopped into the spa.

    Young baptism seems like a pretty good method to trap people at an early age, when they are still finding out who they are.

    What a rotten cult.


  • careful fader
    careful fader

    I agree with you Huxley. My nephew is talking about getting baptized and I'm sure I'll be asked to attend that assembly. I'm really struggling with this decision . . . I don't want my nephew to feel that I don't think he's worthy enough for me to come and support his baptism . . . but, I don't support/want to encourage this decision. It's a fine line!

  • Blueblades

    To get Baptized,one would have to UNDERSTAND what it MEANS to be Baptized in the NAME of the FATHER,SON,and HOLY SPIRIT.

    Till this very day there is much CONFUSION as to the meaning of all of this,from INFANT Baptism to getting Baptized at an OLD age.

    Do children really understand what Scholars have been debating about the Doctrine of Baptism over the centuries. I think not !


  • Nosferatu

    I never got baptized even though people were really pushing me to do it. I simply responded with "I'll do it when I'm ready". I knew that if I got dunked, the organization would have me by the family jewels. I just wanted to be free.

  • Ghost of Esmeralda
    Ghost of Esmeralda

    I was 12. Way, way, WAY too young to make any such a decision!

    Of course at the time it was 1983 and they hadn't changed the baptismal questions yet. I thought I was dedicating my life to God, not to an organization.

    I did it because my grandfather, whom i worshipped, died three months prior and they had really been harping on the fact at meetings at the time that you HAD to be baptized to survive armageddon. I wanted to see him again so badly, I would've, and did do anything I thought would get me to the paradise to be with him.

    Child baptism is WRONG!


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