Santa Ana, California: Jehovah's Witness Accused Of Child Molestation Claims 'False Allegations'

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Jehovah's Witness Accused Of Child Molestation Claims 'False Allegations'

    He is charged with 9 felony counts of lewd/lascivious acts with a minor younger than 14 and 1 count felony kidnapping for child molesting.

    By CA Patch (Patch Staff) - April 6, 2017 6:10 pm ET

    SANTA ANA, CA - A Santa Ana man molested four girls aged 8 to 12 that he met through his Jehovah's Witness congregation, a prosecutor alleged Thursday, but the defendant's attorney told jurors that her client was a victim of "false accusations."

    Some of the allegations date back to January 2012, continuing through July 2015 when he was initially confronted by police.

    Jose Luis Aguilera, 42, is charged with nine counts of lewd or lascivious acts with a minor younger than 14 and one count of kidnapping for child molesting, all felonies.


  • truth_b_known

    It happens more than you know. I can't tell you how many Witnesses I have arrested for serious felony offenses, mostly for child molestation or child abuse.

  • Finkelstein

    Sounds like another sexual predator that was using the WTS/JWS as a cloak of innocence.

    " He was in the truth and not a worldly, so we know he's good and trust worthy. "

    This is what happens when you tell people they cant be judged and punished unless there's two witnesses to the act or discernible sin..

    Take the already assumption of wholesomeness and righteousness in the present social environment of the JWS and you have the makings of real trouble.

  • Hecce

    This was a case from a Spanish Congregation, it is normal for a few JW families to live close by in the same apartment building and have a lot of confidence with their children care and the other families. A formula for disaster.

  • darkspilver
  • darkspilver

    UPDATE 19 MAY 2017:

    Santa Ana Man Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison for Sexually Assaulting Children He Met Through Church

    A 42-year-old Santa Ana man was sentenced to 60 years to life in prison Friday after being convicted of sexually assaulting three girls, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

    Jose Luis Aguilera, 41, is seen in a booking photo provided by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

    Jose Luis Aguilera was found guilty on April 28 of four felony counts of committing lewd acts upon a child under the age of 14, with a sentencing enhancement that there were multiple victims, the DA’s office said in a news release.


  • flipper

    Thanks for posting this Barbara. It's just disgusting how much this keeps happening within the JW organization. I hope the exposure of these crimes becomes more abundant and we start seeing these crimes hit major news outlets to where it draws more attention to the WT Society's failed child abuse policies. It needs to be more exposed big time

  • Vidiot

    ...and the WT picture continues to look even worse...

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