How Many Witnesses Would Really Take Blood?

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  • ShirleyW
    So even when they allowed fractions, she wouldn't bend on the previous application of 'no blood, no how, no way'
    You know what, my mother is the same. But she is old school and there are few with that sense of conscience and fundamental principle anymore
    That applied to my mother, however, when she was in the hospital and I was Court approved as her legal guardian I gave consent for her to receive blood and she did.

    I posted this part before, but the day she had the hookup in her arm of course some nosy sisters from the KH were visiting who in turn reported it to the Elder, who in turn called me, who I in turn told him in the most 4 letter worded way I could think of to mind his f***ing business.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Well done Shirley.


    Check this out. I actually know of a person who took blood, without their knowledge or consent, at the consent of their husband (a pioneer and well respected MS). This was not in the US, and it was the type of secret they took to their grave. But the woman who received the transfusion never knew what her husband did for her. She had 2 more children after that one (it was related to child birth). One of them was my wifes mother.


  • SuspiciousMinds

    When we had our first child, my mom and my wife's mom were in the room when the nurse was collecting / confirming information from us, ahead of a scheduled c-section. We were having doubts at the time, but our families were having contact with us, albeit strained and awkward. They were both so pleased when we confirmed we are JWs and would not accept blood.

    The moment both our moms left the room, we contacted the nurse to explain the scenario and to make sure it was recorded that we would accept blood if anything were to go wrong. She knowingly nodded and changed the corresponding information in the paperwork. It was almost like she had been in the same situation before and fully expected us to change our mind when our family was not present. I've always found that very interesting...

  • jwundubbed
    I don't really know why but the JW take the Blood issue way more seriously than any other teaching from the WT. I have seen not few cases of people who were disfellowshipped or inactive who didn't take blood. - Ray Frankz

    I've thought a lot about the blood issue and there is a conversation that is always missing when this topic comes up. Everyone talks about the whole idea in terms of teachings and policies. But, I was born into the cult... so what I learned wasn't always about teachings and policies. And I don't think that you have to have been born into the cult to have some of the more subtle understandings of what we were taught about blood.

    It isn't just a religious stance. It isn't just an ethical choice because people are being loyal to their religion. We were taught in no uncertain terms that blood is DIRTY! and BAD! When I had been out of the cult for about/almost 10 years I gave blood for the first time. I paid attention to everything. I asked questions. But as I was sitting there watching the blood bag move and fill with my blood I was confused to realize that my relationship with blood isn't just about some policy that I was flouting. It wasn't just about the fear that God would smite me for disobeying him on something really important. I could see the blood and it was just a red liquid. But the thought of getting blood on me squicks me out because it is so dirty. Like dirt and evil combined in a really gross way... not so much a scary way. The way that I feel about blood is really confusing. The thought of having someone else's gross blood in me, mingling with my gross blood is so disgusting. I have a visceral reaction just to the thought of it.

    I know people who enjoy playing with blood. I don't get it so don't ask me why. Logically and technically I know that there is nothing inherently wrong with blood. But I can't watch them play with it. And it has nothing to do with thinking about blood-born pathogens or diseases. In my mind, blood is inherently dirty. It is just like really watery red mud.

    I know that I am not the only one who feels this way about blood. I also know I am one of the few people who took the time to analyse their feelings about blood to this extent. But this idea is never talked about when the issue of blood transfusions comes up. We weren't just taught that it was morally wrong. We were taught that blood is dirty in a really wrong way and that definitely has an effect on some peoples' choice to take, or not to take, a blood transfusion.

  • TD

    --Depends on what you mean by "Take blood."

    Most JW's regard the red liquid with a mixture of fear and revulsion.

    However most JW's do not know or understand the difference between a 500ml bag of albumin solution and a 500ml bag of plasma.

    Acceptance of the former is a matter of conscience while acceptance of the latter is not.

    Technically, the administration of either is a blood transfusion though.

  • Miss_Nk

    My sister works as Biomedical scientist in a hospital in Nigeria and has had 2 JW's take blood in the last 3 months. It's supposed to be confidential, so the elders never find out.

  • Fisherman
    2 JW's take blood in the last 3 months. It's supposed to be confidential, so the elders never find out.

    They are not JW. A JW could cave in out of fear and not wanting to die though and confess.

  • Fisherman
    I wonder if she was in the minority, in her thinking. Would JWs of today take the blood or give it to a loved one in a medical emergency?

    JW have spent years in concentration camps and then commit immorality. Most JW that get df is for immortality. Even those JW that succumb to sexual immorality would not have accepted a BT. The great majority of JW would face death instead of a BT. Giving blood to a loved one is a different question.

  • Fisherman
    As has been pointed out in another thread the whole blood situation is far more about organisation policy management than a truly theological position based on honest and conscience driven interpretation.

    It was pointed out in another thread that the base scripture enjoining Christians to 'keep abstaining from blood' needs to be considered. --Call it what you like.

  • Scully

    All of them would.

    Their form of worship revolves around whatever is The Truth™ du jour. If the WTS dumped its blood transfusion theology, and did away with Hospital Liaison Committees, DFing and DAing for persons who accepted transfusions for themselves or on behalf of spouse, children or other family members, all of them would go with the flow of New Light™ without batting an eye.

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