Having a witness as a neighbour

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  • JH

    Did you ever have a witness as your neighbour? I did for a while, and it didn't really bother me, until I was starting to miss meetings.

    Did you, or would you have liked to have a witness as a neighbour?

  • JH

    Each time I moved, I wanted to be as far as possible from witnesses. Even if I was still in the org. then, I wanted privacy. Being too close to them, they knew too much about your personal life.

    I knew witnesses living too close to each other, and a year after they moved away. This happened all the time.

  • rocketman

    Nope, I never did. But, a few years back, a house two doors down went up for sale, and a jw friened expressed interest. I mentioned it to my wife and she said, 'yeah, that's all we need, witnesses living so close'.....and she said that while we were very active. Now, my goodness, they'd be all over us for missing the meetings.

  • shamus


    when in the borg, I would want them as far away from me as possible. They may see me outside with my friends having a (gasp) beer, listening to music that is pretty much all demonized.... screw that.

    Right now my next-door neighbour is an elder... he has no idea who I am, and I don't tell him. He's really nice, which is really odd - very talkative and NEVER, REPEAT NEVER talks about his religion. Wow. I only found out from the other neighbours that he and his wife are dubs.

  • Sunspot

    Boy, am I blessed! Three houses up, houses #3-#4-#5 are ALL JWs in GOOD standing...which used to piss me off when they's sail on by for months without stopping to see WHY I wasn't "attending the meetings" as I should.

    They HAD to go right past my house to get to the KH.......ahh...the LOVE!

    NOW, if I'm out in the yard when they sail on by, I turn my backside to the breeze----and hope they "get" my message! LOL!



  • shamus


    Just another example of unconditional love..... incredible how they treat people, eh? Pharisees.

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    I've actually been wondering about this.

    We're moving from a house to a condo. I would imagine there might be JWs in the complex (it's a big one). Guess I'll just put a pentagram on the front door or something if it becomes a problem.

    Actually, having them for neighbors wouldn't be as bad as being in one of those areas near the KH where everybody "starts their time" if you know what I mean. Though if we had that problem I'd just find which hall had our territory and send that lovely little Do Not Call letter that somebody posted on this board - the one that says 'don't call even under pretense of updating your records.' Love that one. At least we wouldn't have to worry about cigarette smoke filtering in through the walls if we had JW neighbors. In the 8 or so years we've lived here, I think we've actually had JWs at our door twice (the last time we had them put us down as a DNC and have never even gotten the 'elders coming by to update'...suppose that's because I told them we were xJWs who didn't believe anymore?? ).

    If they figured out we were Pagan, they'd be likely to give us a wide berth, which would be cool. They might even feel the need to move away.

  • Redneck

    My dad in his infinant wisdom sold(gave is more like it) some land to a family movong from NYC they were coming where the need was greater in NC..they had 2 boys and the parents were pioneers..Now is is an Elder and she is uhhh anointed..So there was 4 witness familys right there on the same driveway..they all had to drive by my house...when I became irregular did they stop to see me...nahhhh...when my wife left for another man and we divorced did they see me nahhhhhhhhhhh.....when I seen them on the drive or in town did they speak to me...nahhhhhhhh..When I lost my daughters did they speak to me nahhhhhhhhh...( But an elder called me 2 tell me that if I wanted to see them again I should start going back to the meetings)...would someone speak at there funeral....nahhhhhhhhhhhhh....I go into the hall because my MOm wanted me to go with her,did they talk then...Oh helllls yea how ya doing we miss ya so much blah blah blah....Soo as ya can see I didnt like haven them as a neighbor ...

  • bebu

    Well, my neighbor is JW, and funny thing is that we didn't talk about religion (cuz I'm not a JW) for the looooongest time. I can't even remember how the topic of religion eventually came up... She stated that she had decided not to bring it up first, but to let me do that. I can't say that this is what occurred; when I made some general comment related to religion, she asked, "But what would you say that this means... But who do you mean when you say..." So, she actually did put her foot in the door. But it didn't bother me, cuz I wanted to talk with her about a few things--like 607 BC. (Well, maybe I was baiting her... )

    It kinda worried me a little when she would talk about some of the homes in the neighborhood being bought by people from her congregation. Now, I don't care. If I get to know them as neighbors, well, perhaps I'll be able to make an effect on a whole group. It'd be nice for her to have more friends with her if she left, I think...

    I am sure I have a situation that's easier, since I don't have to deal with all the control crap, and they would have to deal with my questions (since I'm not d/a or d/f).


  • unbeliever

    I did for about a year when I was on my own for the first time. I'd been gone from the org for 2 years. They would report things back to my mom when I would throw parties. I told them on more than 1 occassion to mind their own fu***** business. That got back to her too. I moved when my lease was up.

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