Armageddon & 9/11

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    I was in a program at Bellevue. Bellevue has superb medicine and bad medicine. The only people in the program not jubilant about 9.11 were the few white patients. Latinos and blacks were delighted it happened. I was going to report a staff person for what she said. She said it was the fault of the Israelites. I echoed her sentiments. She did not realize that Israelies and Israelites are two different groups. I wanted to run out of the room. I am certain blacks and Latinos died at the WTC. Moslems died. It was an equal opportunity slaughter.

    They were bothered by the leaflets of the missing/dead, Bellevue is the main trauma hospital.

    It highlighted for me how different groups feel a stake in Manhattan. How anyone can see Armageddon as a good thing shows how depraved Witnesses are. I feared for myself first of all. Just seeing neighbors getting out of their car or hanging laundry in the back was enough to convince me that no God would condemn them.

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