Pillowgate makes headlines in Finland

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  • Festus

    Local newspaper in Finland has published an article concerning WTBS:s "[email protected] videos. The local "communications manager" of Jehovah's Witnesses - Veikko Leinonen - has declined to comment them. According to him they are for internal use only. He also states that "videos have been misrepresented and taken out of context against any journalistic rules". Luckily WTBS never does this...

    Previously "Brother Leinonen" has commented the shunning video and mentioned that when Sonja in video called her mother she was aware that it was "a religious call" hence she did not answer. Obviously Jdubs have some paranormal talents nowadays.

    When reporter asked justification for shunning "Brother Leinonen'"replied: "Yeah. There is no point of speculating. Somebody has one opinion and the second one another. There is no need to continue the discussion".

    Here are the links. Google translate works quite ok.



  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks for sharing.

    The more publicity the better!

  • Londo111

    Out of context. How? I saw the whole thing. I saw the context.

  • sparrowdown

    Great, hope it goes viral across the world.

    All we would have to do to make that happen is send the sister's part of the talk to some very cranky SJWs.

  • Listener

    Saying that they are for internal use only doesn't help their case, it just makes them look more cultish.

  • sparrowdown

    And just the creep factor alone would cause most normal people to WTF.

  • VW.org
    Out of context. How? I saw the whole thing. I saw the context.

    Watchtower always deny when something controversial becomes public. Even when child sex abuse allegations are brought to light, they say that they abhor child sex abuse and always report it to the authorities.

  • smiddy3

    This FINNISH SPOKESPERSON FOR jw`S CLEARLY HAS NO TROUBLE LYING trying to make out the shunned person is doing the shunning

  • VW.org

    Watchtower always lie to the public in response to any allegations. They call it theocratic warfare. Not any thought is given to the fact that a lie is a lie and the bible clearly states that lieing is a sin. And also to give Ceaser's things to Ceaser in regards to telling the truth to authority.

  • steve2

    Be kind people. In all reason, what else could the JW "communication manager say?

    (I'm joking )

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