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  • MrMoe

    See this section? It is called friends. An earlier referencing stinkypants to a bowel movement in another thread is not appreciated, in fact not welcome here. IF you don't like somebody, keep it in your private circle of friends and not in a public forum.

    Those that FIGHT: ever stop to think the reason you argue in the first place is based upon passionate views? Who is to say, "my view is the correct one, and yours is NOT correct..." Who is to be so bold as to determine who is right and who is wrong in your personal perceptions?

    I understand that we do not always see eye to eye, I am one of the biggest offenders... But PLEASE, can we grow up a bit?

    NPY - stop it. Stop acting 12 years old, PLEASE. I KNOW you are better than the snide comments. By being nasty to others, you are only making yourself look bad. Please... stop... OK?

    Farkel - What you said to Prisca, is true. A while back I realized I had a strong dislike for her, and I asked myself WHY. Thing is, I could not come up with a reasonable answer. BEcause, we fight? Because she said not nice things to me? Hey, guess what, I DID IT TOO!!!!! Then, the guilt came. I still feel bad for the way I treated her. Same goes for Refiners. HEre all along I missed out on knowing 2 really cool people. The people I didn't get along with in the end, were the ones who had the same passion as I do. We just for some reason got off the same page.

    I used to LOATHE MSIL (Donkey.) I am very proud to say, he ended up being one of the very few people who touched my life on a personal basis. I still wonder if he realizes how much he helped me when I was in a very dark period of my life.

    What we concieve as reality, often times as a strange and interesting twist. The people here are gathered because of a common bond. Regardless if we share the same views, maybe it is time we behave like adults, and not petty shcool children assuming the role of a bully.

    *end rant*

  • arrowstar

    Well said

  • StinkyPantz
    An earlier referencing stinkypants to a bowel movement in another thread is not appreciated

    Hehe. . . that wasn't very nice was it? Ever regret picking a user name?

  • myself

    *end rant*

    Excellent "rant" Moe.

  • Brummie

    *keeewl* You have matured a lot in cyber space Mrmoe, hope NPY will follow the fashion.


  • riz

    very well said, Moe

    (((((stinky)))) you're such a sweetheart. I just rolled my eyes when I read that junk. what can ya do, ya know?

  • Reborn2002

    What'd I miss?

    Who made fun of Mrs. Soiled Shorts?

  • SheilaM

    Go Mr. MoeI nice way to say what I've been thinking

    Reborn: You are asking such volitile questions LOL

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Moe. Its hard not to like a person such as yourself who is so damned reasonable most of the time. Truth to tell, I never really disliked you,and I always thought you were cute lookin', but it was just a war, and you had a German uniform on. Anyway thats all over now and I guess we can drink schnapps, get pissed , and reminise down at the local branch of the Old Warriors club.


  • gitasatsangha
    Ever regret picking a user name?

    Just about every time I post. But I'm getting used to it.

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