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  • cornish

    I was just looking at the site of this teenager who is studying to be a JW.

    Its so amazing and pathetic the lenghs the dubs go to tickle this girls ears about her cool site and pop idol interests.

    wait till she is stuck in the cult and starts getting the lectures.

  • cornish

    Ok ,my link doesnt work for some reason,but you will get the site by typing snowbafeenay on google search engine

  • Nicolas

    I sent a message in his guestbook with this link: in the text. Hope it will open something inside of his mind.

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    Well, that was...bizarre...Wonder if the elders know what she's got on there (likes Aerosmith, has pics of movie stars she thinks are "sexy", uses words lik "man whore")...and the comment from the one teenage JWwannabe about their parents DAing and studying with their aunt...

    teenage wannabe JWs...scary!

  • dalilbrat337

    Well, it does say "self - proclaimed dork" somewhere on that website, just below the guestbook. Go figure.

  • dedalus

    In another, similar website, there's this gem:

    Ten Little Witnesses

    10 little witnesses standing in line
    1 disliked the elders, then there were 9
    9 little witnesses stayed up very late
    1 overslept on Sunday, then there were 8
    8 little witnesses pleasing God in Heaven
    1 took the low road and then there were 7
    7 little witnesses chirping like chicks
    1 liked rap music, then there were 6
    6 little witnesses seemed very much alive
    but one lost his interest then there were 5
    5 little witnesses going from door to door
    1 stopped to rest and then there were 4
    4 little witnesses each busy as a bee
    1 got his feelings hurt, then there were 3
    3 little witnesses knew not what to do
    1 joined the worldly scene, then there were 2
    2 little witnesses, our rhyme is nearly done
    1 differed with each other, then there was
    1 little witness can't do much 'tis true
    started a bible study - then there was 2
    2 earnest witnesses, each won one more
    That doubled the number, then there were 4
    4 sincere witnesses worked early and late
    Each won another then there were 8
    8 splendid witnesses if they doubled as before
    In just so many Sundays, we'd have 1,024
    In this little jingle, there is a lesson true,
    you belong either to the building or to the wrecking crew!

  • dedalus

    Ooooh, another goody from here:!


    Emailed to me from Randy

    Our Time Standards:
    Year = 365 days
    Day = 24 hours
    Minute = 60 seconds.

    Jehovah's Time Standards:
    1000 years = 1 day
    Hour = 41.66 years
    Minute = 8.44 months
    Second = 4.21 days

    Put into perspective:
    The FLOOD lasted just under 9.5 seconds
    Jah required Noah to stay in the ark another second and a half
    Jesus preached as hard as he could in the 6 minutes he had,
    It has been just 2 and a half hours since 1914
    Most of the friends came in the truth in the last hour (1960)

    Shouldn't we do all we can in the last minutes of this system of things while there is still time left to save others?

    (I lost who submitted this, if it was you email me so I can give you credit!)

    Please keep this in mind when you contemplate the future.....

    If a thousand years are but a day in Jehovah's eyes, and we take a look at history the way he views it, we will realize that.....

    Adam was created 6 days ago and Jehovah made plans almost immediately to restore what Adam lost for his offspring due to disobedience.

    Thiry-nine hours and 45 minutes later Jehovah took action to prevent Satan and the demons from completely ruining the earth with violence. He brought the flood, wiping out wickedness and giving obedient Noah and his family a new start on a cleansed earth.

    Ten hours later, on that same day, a covenant with Abraham was in place to give a guarantee that Jehovah would provide a ransom in order to restore all things in heaven and on earth to their rightful condition. The very next day Israel left Egypt, the Law covenant was established and the temple was built.

    One day, 1 hour and 48 minutes later the ransom was paid by Christ Jesus, creating the opportunity for obedient mankind to gain salvation.

    Two hours and 5 minutes ago Jehovah placed Jesus on the throne in his kingdom to finalize the arrangements for bringing in the new system, the heavens were cleansed and the first resurrection took place, Now, within minutes it will all be over for those wanting to disrupt Jehovah's purposes!!

    .....and some still think Jehovah is "slow" respecting his promises?????



    How uplifting!

  • Mystery

    Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!

    guess she/he didn't like us signing her guest book.

  • Bendrr
    .....and some still think Jehovah is "slow" respecting his promises?????

    Well thanks for putting it all in perspective. Now I realize he isn't slow, he just has no consideration for his creations' sense of time and short life spans.


  • Vivamus


    I have goosbumps from the link, and from the 10 little witnesses. Gawd did I enter the twilight zone here?

    Somebody please help me! [sings along with Haley and here daddy Eminem, just to get a sense of "normal" again]

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