With the ramped up talk are the governing body trying to coerce Jehovah to bring on Armageddon?

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  • nowwhat?

    What me worry?! I'm not worried about anything except my lifespan. The point is I think the gb are worried that if Armageddon doesn't come soon they're screwed financially

  • Vidiot
    sir82 - "It's called 'compartmentalizing'.


    Politicians are particularly good at it, I hear.

  • Vidiot
    nowwhat? - "The point is I think the GB are worried that if Armageddon doesn't come soon they're screwed financially."

    The thought had occurred to me to.

    Not to mention that if/when the WTS actually did experience financial screwery, it would be rather elegant proof that it's not "God's Earthly Organization" (after all, if it truly were "God's Earthly Organization", He'd never allow that, particularly as a result of anything in "Satan's World").

    And that, from their POV, is unthinkable...

    ...the Org would never survive that admission.

  • stuckinarut2

    Classic "persecution complex" behaviour.

    They revel in, and crave this in a paranoid manner, as it somehow gives credibility to their claims.

    So, probably in their minds, the MORE they talk about it, the "realer" it becomes.

  • sparrowdown

    They just want red herrings and distractionsin the form of bombastic rhetoric so people don't notice what's really going on with them.

    Very culty. Very deja yawn.

  • Himself I am
    Himself I am

    He is answering all of your worthy prayers in the collective, with over 7 billion people on Earth with that ever increasing aging population within developing countries, the demand for resources outstripping the supply in an ever increasing love of consumerism and false idols with no regard toward those that follow in your footsteps and the natural balance of the environment of the biosphere that you all dwell within and call home. Green house gases and global warming, increased geomagnetic solar energy during minimus cycles, decreased solar flare activity during maximus cycles to keep the biosphere weather systems in a constant state of El Nina and El Nino, rapidly melting those Glaciers and Ice shelves at both poles. The decline of the Roman Catholic Church and the sexual revolution of the 1960's and all that has followed, more and more people being born and living longer as if they are being chucked back into the pond of life to go through the grinder all over again as they by their own actions transforming this once green and fertile biosphere into a man made living Hell of man's own design. Armageddon "A place in ancient Syria that got levelled by the Roman Army over 2000 years ago as they were passing through. Now you got 5 massive Armies, all itching for a fight, US Army, Russian Army, NATO Army, Chinese Army and the North Korean Army and tensions are rising and the leaders are a bunch of Morons like puppets on strings.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Yes, for as we are told in Jaraczicpark 3:16, "God, if he existed, could easily be bullied by those who say they serve him, and this is no more absurd than anything else your mind can conjure."

  • jwleaks

    Makes me think of a 'self fulfilling prophecy'.

  • Vidiot

    @ jwleaks...

    That phrase comes to my mind, too...


    ...something tells me that if they piss off enough elements of "Satan's World", "Jehovah" isn't gonna come bail 'em out.

    Say, if the justice system decided to make an example of them and strip their tax-exempt status (good luck spinning "giving back Caesar's things to Caesar" as "persecution").

    Hell, they're even a Biblical precedent if one is so inclined...

    ...I've lost count of how many times in the OT where God allowed the mortal enemies of His "Chosen People" to bitch-slap them when they got out of line.

    (not that I believe the Org has any kind of divine favor, obv)

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