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  • millie210

    Hi Lost and adrift,

    You are having to face so much at one time. What is truly important now is your fiance and YOU.

    This little religion whose global size is smaller than Istanbul (a city) is proving itself increasingly unable to monitor its own policies. Their own code book says not to bother disfellowshipping people in your position. Perhaps sensing no reprisals from the beleaguered headquarters, local elders pretty much do what they want to..

    You have been caught up in that. I am so sorry that happened to you and for the pain it is causing.

    Stay with us here and read when you have time. This place is a soothing balm to the soul and helps with getting a new and more accurate perspective than we have been taught by the Organization.

    All the best to you and your fiance!

  • NeverKnew

    Slimeballs. All of them.

    Praying for you....

  • KateWild

    I am so sorry what has happened to you. It's so unforgivable the way they have harassed you just so they can use their power to df you.

    These elders are scumbags that have stopped your daughter and mother talking to you when you need them most.

    Their logic is flawed. You are not committing any sins as your fiance is battling cancer and is unable to fornicate. So their conclusions are unacceptable and you have been out for a number of years.

    This is obvious evidence for you that holy spirit is not guiding them. Love and kindness is not their driving force. All they enjoy is having power and control over you.

    I hope your daughter and your mother feel for you and start supporting you soon. You never know they may. I very much hope so.

    Kate xx

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hello Lost and drift--welcome to the site. Very sad to read your story---but youre amongst friends here....most of us have bad experiences with the watchtower.

    i'm in the UK------and did you know--Simon--the site owner--was from Manchester!

    heres a link to lots of other UK members:


  • SecretSlaveClass
    Welcome! I'm sorry you got such cruel treatment, but not in the least bit surprised. The entire cult is based on controlling its members with fear and emotional blackmail - hardly a loving practice ...
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Welcome Lost and Adrift. My heart goes out to you and your beloved partner. I pray for these evil scum-bags to have their little worlds collapse when their "gods" in Brooklyn really start turning the knife in them. They deserve nothing but bad in their lives because of their evil.

    I hope many lurkers read your post and perhaps save themselves the heartache you've experienced, simply by following this advice which I'm going to SHOUT out -


    Why voluntarily walk into a lion's den, when you know that the outcome is a foregone conclusion?

    Ask what the reason for the "chat" is, then politely but firmly decline the offer to talk, thanking them for the invitation; "Not at the moment thanks, but I'll let you know."

    If they threaten to deal with you in your absence, respond by promising them that you will seek legal redress against the local Body of Elders/Trustees - via the courts/Charities Commission/Human Rights respecting your privacy, data protection, and human rights, if your name is publicly announced (for any reason) within their Kingdom Hall - a venue which is open to all members of the public and is subject to the Charities Commission's laws & regulations!

    Potential victims have absolutely nothing to lose by having such a lawyer's letter sent to these reptiles!

    I wish you both the very best.

  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift

    Hi many thanks for ur lovely replies..

    The Searcher....I tried all those things threatened them with legal action etc if they announced anything. . Blah blah...they ignored it and went ahead. ..Dam well wish I could afford a solicitor. ..I even told them my doc advised me not to attend the appeal on medical grounds. .stress etc cancer in the house blah blah....they didn't give a #####

  • fleshyheadedmutant

    welcome to the forum.

    Sorry to hear about your situation. The one good thing...you are free from the WTS. Hopefully your family will soften in the future, or better yet, see this organization for the unloving machine it really is.

  • steve2

    Oh that is just the pits. What a damn shame!

    You sincerely went along with the elders' direction and they dumped you big time.

    Too late to think of what you could have done instead (e.g., pretend to be married, busy, not able to attend meetings due to illness, etc), but good on you for making contact with forums such as this and taking a hard look at what you were raised to believe and accessing your rational mind.

    On balance, you may find it is far, far more helpful for your self-respect and your relationship with your partner (who I hope gets well soon!) to be well clear of the organization with no fear that they will keep sniffing you out. I acknowledge it is such a shame that your mother and daughter now shun you. All of this underscores what a cold, judgemental organization it is.

    All strength to you in your "new" life.

  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift

    Hi everyone. ...I've had a tough week but starting to let my rational head take control again lol....

    Like serously what the Hell!

    My mothrr and child want me to miss them and return to Jehovah. ...hmmm straight away I think of the script of jehovah asking people to serve him willingly and not under compulsion. ...with a whole heart. ...duh do they even read the scriptures themselves?

    And my mothrr refusing to see me except under what she deems necessary buisness. .I.E when she is sick and needs a slave. ...

    Where is HER Christian love

    And if I'm suffering because of any of this ..well of course because I'M REAPING WHAT I SOWED apparently. ...

    U gotta laugh. ...n maybe write a book or eat a mince pie or something. ..might even buy some xmas decorations.....

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