can you believe this?????

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  • Jerry Bergman
    Jerry Bergman

    Here is an interesting story from way up in the "boonies" of Saskatchewan,

    In the congregation my family goes to, during one of the Watchtower studies mentioning "Apostates" and "Bad" media coverage, a sister commented in regard to a man confronting her and another sister in the previous morning in service. He answered the door armed with a bad disposition and several newspaper articles in regard to Jehovah's Witnesses and the pedophile issue. She and the other sister knew nothing about it so they were speechless. This was "news" to them!

    The local pioneer sister said whenever she runs into this, she "just tells them the truth ... It's lies, all lies coming from apostates who want to dirty God's clean organization".

    The visiting speaker, an elder for many years then made this comment that surprised those there; he said" "No, that's not what we say. We don't go around anymore condemning other religions for this. Times have changed and now we're in the same boat and our brothers have made some very serious mistakes. We have to say we're 'not sure of all the facts' ".

    # Two Story: I don't know whether this one would fit "Battered Lambs" or what but I thought this story may also be of interest to some. I was a battered and silent lamb for some seventeen plus years so it makes my heart ache to see others having to endure abuse from any source, especially from their "spiritual brothers". The story I'm about to relate is in progress. It's about two fleshly brothers - one in his late 80's, the other in his early 90's. They are also our spiritual brothers. Their family was favorable to Bible discussions way back in the '40's and eventually, in the early '90's these two brothers dedicated their lives to Jehovah. Because of ill health my father could not help them so he told my Mom and youngest brother to help them in the service and to the meetings. Mom did and when she couldn't she asked others from the congregation to help, which they would not. These two old brothers were too much of a bother. But their generous contributions of $50.00 or more per meeting was most welcome!

    After my Dad died in '96, Mom and my brother continued to help them out - get fire wood for them, clean their house, do shopping, laundry, gardening, etc. When they were making out their wills they wanted to show their appreciation to my mother and brother for all they had done and continued to do for them. Mom declined any of this and said it would be best to leave their material possessions to the Watchtower Society to further Jehovah's work. She arranged for a meeting with a couple of brothers from the local congregation and the three 'boys" (there was still three of the four brothers alive at the time). The older two had put the family farm and vehicles, etc. in the name of the youngest one, thinking they would go before him - although in their will it still said whoever was left of them would inherit the possessions; then finally, once they were all gone the Watchtower Society gets it.

    However, this past February the youngest one died. The two older brothers are still alive and their minds are very sound even if their bodies are a bit weak. But the "spiritual" brothers have taken things over already; they have requested that the two remaining brothers NOT sell or give any of their possessions away to neighbors or friends.

    Last week against the wishes of the eldest brother, one of the brothers from the congregation came with a video camera to video all they have so they can have it on tape what "IS the Society's". This was extremely disturbing for these two old boys. Also, to pay for funeral expenses the congregation told them NOT to touch the money in their savings account even though their checking and savings account was in ALL three brothers names. For the funeral lunch, the neighbor ladies offered to do it for free for all their kindness and generosities shown to their families by the older boys.

    An elder's wife said "NO, thank you, we'll do it". A few days later the surviving brothers received a bill from the congregation for the lunch - an expensive lunch which a few sisters divided up - LARGE leftover "loot" among themselves and gave the two older boys a small plate of dried up sandwiches.

    Also, they were billed for the floral arrangement purchased by the congregation "designed" to show sympathy, caring, comfort, brotherly love! My brother was SO upset - he could not believe it. Not a good witness in the neighborhood indeed!

    From this, from personal experiences and from the information they have learned through the TV program - The Fifth Estate and information I've given them from Silent Lambs, they have quite a different view of the "loving brotherhood".

  • blondie

    I can believe but there was a time I was blind.

    It shows that people have to see the crap up close and personal before they will believe it. I'm sorry for the unkindness but it did open their eyes.


  • Joyzabel

    <shaking head> The WTBTs is an overflowing well of such sad stories.

    WAKE UP!!!

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