Is the GB guilty of crimes against humanity?

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  • scratchme1010

    The WT does not coerce anyone to anything, so no. The Wt does not commit that crime. Elders in congregations might do that, but there's absolutely no directive from the WT as an entity for elders to coerce people.

    From a legal stand point they do not violate the law.

  • Hairtrigger

    The GB is enslaving innocent minds and bending them to theIr will.

    Through psychological pressure they are coercing these deluded individuals to practice evil, lies and deceit. Against themselves and all new recruits.

    Lies deceipt and evil practices deliberately fabricated and protracted by GB.

    They rule by fear and coercion.

    Orcehestrated the death of thousands with their blood policy.

    Orchestrated the death of hundreds with their shunning policy.

    Orchestrated the Ruin of many a fine boy and girl with their no education policy.

    Orchestrated economic ruin of thousands with their 1975 doctrinal bullshit

    Arguably not in the league of Stalin Mao and Hitler or ISIS and Al Quaida

    Defnately crimes against humanity.

    All eight SOB’s should be nailed to wood in my opinion. Make it an irony in poetic justice! Nail the bastards to a cross!

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS might very well be a crime against Christianity.

    The JWS is a corrupt sick cult that has killed thousands and broken apart millions of families.

    Maybe it is then a crime against humanity ?

  • jp1692

    Is the GB guilty of crimes against humanity?

    Yes they are.

    It's a cult and the leaders of this cult are completely morally culpable. Sadly, the United States of America currently does not have laws to prosecute such crimes, but instead provides cover for charlatans and con men.

    Just because what they do is not illegal doesn't make it right.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • smiddy3

    The Governing Body of Jehovah`s Witnesses are ethically wrong as they are morally wrong in their manipulating of the rank and file of their fellow rank and file members of Jehovah`s Witnesses to follow their direction and obey such direction without question .{ Even to the point of their members not understanding or agreeing with the direction given} Yet they are told to obey and not question the Governing Body`s decision .

    And the fact that they can be ostracized /shunned for disobeying such directions should make them culpable of being guilty of coercion

  • dogisgod

    How many JWs were killed in Malawai by following the GB instructions on not having a government ID card. How many infants, children and adults have died from GB instructions to not have blood transfusions. How many have been driven to suicide by the GB ever changing shunning rules. How many have died to maintain "Christian neutrality" rules as defined by the GB. "How many children have been permanently wounded for live by the GB, WT defining "molestation"/rape and the protection for the abusers. Just by these few examples the GB and the WT are committing crimes against humanity as defined by the World Court. These represent millions of lives.Yes, they are guilty. Mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally GUILTY!

  • Finkelstein

    Well said dogisgod

  • flipper

    I second what Dogisgod stated. Very true.

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