Jehovah is Satan

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    I found a very convincing YouTube video showing that Jehovah of the old testament is Satan and the God of the new testament is God the father.


    This does make more sense to me and explains why the god of the old testament was harsh unkind and murderous. And yet Jesus was kind and loving.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Ooof, this was groundbreaking for me (whether Jehovah was legit, or it was Satan posing as him - it doesn't really matter to me). But at around 38 minutes in, it discusses the way "Jehovah" dealt with his enemies/those who wronged him. His treatment of the enemy was always a repayment of EVIL FOR EVIL - the very thing the Bible counsels us to refrain from doing. If man truly IS made in God's image, it would explain why there are a lot of vengeful, violent people who "strike back harder" in the world.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho Just watched the second vid. I have to say... the entire Bible narrative makes so much more sense if the Old Testament God was actually Satan playing shenanigans on all the old-time prophets, etc. Gosh, this guy might be onto something... *quietly starts Googling how to become Born Again*

  • David_Jay

    The problem with this hypothesis is that Satan the Devil is a product of Christianity. Judaism hasn't any concept of such a being. We don't believe in a Devil of any type.

    Second, the idea that God is attempting to "make a name" for God is a misunderstanding in Christianity. The idiomatic expression refers to the redemption of all peoples who will learn of God when God will release them from their misery, as God made a name among the Israelites when releasing them from slavery during the Exodus. It's not about advantage for God, but future advantage for humanity.

    Lastly, neither "Jehovah" or "Yahweh" are accurate or accepted pronunciations of the Divine Name. They were created by Christians. In the early 21st century, the creators of the Jerusalem Bible, recognizing their error, decided to ban it from their upcoming revision of the Jerusalem Bible, "The Bible in It's Traditions," and the Roman Catholic Church, recognizing that these names were no longer suitable, banned their use in public liturgy out of respect for Jewish sensitivity and to remain scholarly accurate in their translation efforts.

    There is more that a critical analysis of these videos would find unacceptable, but for now that should be enough. Remember, you cannot claim to be a critical thinker and so quickly accept what you hear and see. Critical thinkers TEST what they hear and see. If you are likely to be biased because you think you might favor the material, then you must seek disinterested parties to examine the material as you would in the scientific method.

    The God of the Jewish Bible cannot be Satan, a product of Christianity. That would require that the Jewish text was written after Christianity was founded. If that were so, how were the Dead Sea Scrolls hidden away and later found?

    The above argument is not possible.


    I just found a contradiction. In Acts 7. It talks about Steven before he was stoned. Being filled of the holy spirit, he gives a witness concerning the god of Abraham. He is talking about him giving him glory and goes on for a long period in such a manner. ???? A Christian giving jahweh AKA Satan a good reference to the sanhedrin? I'm back to square one. I thought I was onto something. Sorry for wasting your time.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho Not a waste of time! That contradiction is explained in the overall gist of this Youtuber's videos. If I understand properly, as per the Bible's mandate, whomever you bow a knee to, you become a slave to. Adam and Eve bowed their knee to sin, therefore become slaves to Satan. Satan therefore ascended to position of "ruler of the world". His priority - even above killing - is FIRST to receive praise and worship (hence why he had the audacity to tempt Jesus into doing an act of worship to him). To achieve this goal from the devout ancient Israelites, he would masquerade as an "angel of light". Since demons are thought to be able to prophesy and verify otherworldly things accurately, Satan, the "father of the lie" would sociopathically demonstrate how to put forth the ultimate lie: conceal it in layers of truth. For example, your main purpose may be to lie about your whereabouts, but the more you embellish your lie with kernels of truth and factual information, the false notion you are trying to push seems far more plausible. The apparent disdain for sin "YHWH" had, the protection of his "chosen people", etc, were all part of Satan's way to get the then existing humans to continue honoring him with praise, glory and adulation. It's a win-win for Satan because while he has these superstitious muppets glorifying him, he gets to execute other human beings with fire from heaven, the death of firstborns, pregnant women having their wombs ripped open, mass genocide including babies, plagues of dead stinking frogs, a global flood that drowned every living creature aside from the eight dunces who thought they were being led by the genuine God, et cetera.

  • HeyLittleGirl

    There's a good book on this, too: "Jehovah Unmasked" by Nathaniel Merritt.

  • Crazyguy

    This is what the gnostics thought and so did early church leader Marcion. Someone once had a YouTube video showing the contradictions between Jehovah and Jesus. I often think the gnostics got a lot of their ideas into the New Testament.

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