UK Minister Says Tom Cruise Lacks B***s.

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  • Englishman


  • teenyuck


    I like Tom, however, given his shortness (literally--), Scientology BS and his treatment of Nicole, I have to say, he is acting like a wuss.

    He is not the only star afraid to fly....many were no shows; all had scheduling conflicts. Yeah, right. The biggest opportunity to show off and you miss it because your secretary forgot to pencil it in. Even meek, mild Keanu made it!

    Though, he did look good in a flight suit! (not as good as GW, but pretty good! )

  • manon

    USA news papers seldom use the word b**** to describe someones phobias {balls in sports terms only} UK is so liberal in print. Tom grow some b**** hop on a plane and visit will ya!!!!

  • Simon

    Who cares?

    Nichole visits

  • figureheaduk

    Is Kim Howells living in the same Great Britain as me? Given that the weather (usually) sucks, everything's way too expensive and there's always the dissapointment of finding out that not everyone here lives in a castle, I can only wish Mr Howells all the best in convincing American tourists (or any other tourists for that matter) that Britain should be top of the list when it comes to choosing a holiday in Europe

    Figureheaduk (of the-still-cheesed-off-about-not-being-able-to-get-a-glastonbury-ticket-this-year class)

    PS Mr. Cruise seemed happy enough flying his F-14 Tomcat in "Top Gun" didn't he?

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